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15 Quick Reasons Why You Need To Visit Thailand

Holding a reputation as one of the world's most popular countries for backpackers, we tell you 15 quick reasons why a trip to Thailand is an absolute MUST!

  1. 1. Experience world famous picturesque beaches.
  2. 2. You can island hop.
  3. 3. Experience ‘once in a lifetime’ activities, such volunteering at an elephant rescue shelter, or standing under waterfalls.
Nature Garden Waterfall
  1. 4. Visit their temples, and experience their unique architecture.
  2. 5. The totally tropical weather where the sun shines pretty much all year.
  3. 6. It’s cheap - rent, food, shopping, hotels etc., are all far cheaper than western prices.
  4. 7. The locals are friendly.
  5. 8. The exciting street food.
Boat Holiday Vacation
  1. 9. As well as the locals, Thailand sees many foreigners each year. It was recently revealed as position number 2 on ABTA’s top gap year destinations. Most foreigners are willing to help others, and share their experiences.
  2. 10. Experience Thailand’s rich history and culture.
  3. 11. It’s a great location for backpackers, as it is nearby to other popular backpacking destinations - Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam etc.
Backpack Summer Holiday
  1. 12. The islands are home to a vast array of exotic wildlife.
  2. 13. Beach parties (need we say more…?)
  3. 14. The islands are home to some incredible sunset locations.
  4. 15. Bag some bargains at the local markets offering unique pieces.

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