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Crazy Ideas if you want your Suitcase to Stand Out From the Crowd.

June 2016

If you wish for your suitcase to stand out from the crowd this summer, then you may need to invest in one of these:


Trunki’s are the new-in luggage for young children to have. A brand of colourful and fun ride-on luggage, Trunki was formed back in 2006, by Robert Law MBE. The Trunki became popular when Law appeared on the hit BBC programme Dragon’s Den with his idea. When pitching to the Dragon’s in the Den, Law was offered £100,000 for 50% of his business which he later declined. However since appearing on the show, the brand has seemed to go from strength to strength, with them selling 1,300,000 Trunki cases in the brand's first 6 years, with the fun cases available in 1,564 shops in 62 different countries. Some of these shops include major British high street stores including Argos and John Lewis. Since starting out, Trunki, who have won more than 50 awards for their products, have not only produced ride on suitcases, but have also produced other products including car seats, child reins, and swimming packs.

For an added personal touch, children can now design their own Trunki on the official Trunki website over here. They can pick from 10 colours for each of the 9 pieces of the case. Or you could personalise one for a lovely gift for a special child that you know.

Blue Smart

The Bluesmart suitcase is definitely a case for the tech-savvy. The carry-on suitcase can be connected to the app on your smartphone for internet connected travel. The case, which was released in August 2015, has a very professional and smart looking exterior. It possesses many technological features. If you are forever worrying about your suitcases being over the airline’s limit, then this could be the case for you. Inside the case is a digital scale which can be used to weigh the case via the app on the user's phone. The scales are activated once the user has pulled up the handle of the case. This information is then transferred to the user's app, telling them whether their luggage weighs more or less than the airlines limits. Pretty smart huh…?

After a long day of travelling, the charge on your gadgets is likely to be rather dented after listening to music, watching films, and playing games. However, The Bluesmart carry-on allows users to charge 2 gadgets at the same time fully up to 6 times. This means you will never have to worry about being bored on a flight again!

The extraordinary case also offers its users digital locking facilities. From the app, users are able to lock their case, with no fiddly keys or codes to have to remember. And, if you don't remember to lock your case before check-in, the super clever case will lock itself! You can also allow other people access so they can get into your case too, however if someone tries to gain entry without permission, you will be sent a notification to your phone! How clever?

The Bluesmart case also comes with other technological facilities including proximity sensors, location tracking, and a trip data monitor.

Micro Luggage Scooters

Micro Luggage Scooters bring fun to luggage for adults. If you struggle getting to work on time or suffer from a bad back, then the Micro Luggage Scooter will be perfect for you. The hand luggage sized bag is attached to the front of an adult sized scooter, allowing you to smoothly and quickly weave your way between the commuters of the morning rush, or the lost travellers at the airport. The simple to control scooter has a bag with a 26 litre capacity, allowing you to fit a good amount in it, while still abiding by most airlines hand luggage sizing rules. With the weight being on the front of the scooter rather than on your back, it will release the pressure and strain placed upon you. The scooters Swiss craftsmanship means the product possesses ‘sturdy’ wheels, ‘superior’ handle grips, and a ‘solid’ foot deck.

FUGU Luggage

FUGU Luggage, meaning pufferfish in Japanese, is described as the ‘Mary Poppins bag of suitcases.’ The bag, which looks like a regular hand-luggage suitcase from first glance, can expand at the push of a button to the ultimate check-in size through the use of its built-in electric pump. Taking just two minutes to fully inflate, the clever case is lightweight and waterproof, and allows you to fit far more into your hand luggage with is organisational shelving system. So if you’re a shopaholic, you will be able to buy so many more souvenirs if you have a FUGU! Some of the cases features include: shock absorbing walls; removable shelves; and wheels that can move in all 360 degree directions. Made from the same material as surfboards, the case is extremely durable, and perfect for the wear and tear that it faces at the airport. Isaac Atlas, the creator of FUGU Luggage, claims that the peculiar idea came to him back in 2013, after bickering with his wife over the size of his suitcase needed for his trip away. The standard bag costs $299, around £211, however you will need to pay more if you would like extra add on options, such as a luggage locator, extra shelves, and a laptop case.

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