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Our gift guide for an avid traveller

29 Jun 2016

If you have an avid traveller in your life, and struggle to buy for them, whether it be their birthday, Christmas or a good luck present for their travels ahead, then we are here to help with our traveller gift guide.

Selfie Stick

A selfie stick is an extendable pole with a handle on one end and a clamp on the other end. The user places their camera or mobile phone into the clamp and is able to take a picture of themselves or with friends with a good proportion of background, as the stick expands to more than the average arm's reach. It is a great way for a traveller to capture specials moment while away.


A Gorillapod is a tripod with a twist! An ideal present for an aspiring travel photographer, the Gorillapod is a flexible tripod that you can bend round objects to get the best angle for your shot. Whether you want to picture the perfect sunset, or capture some of the local culture, the Gorillapod is quick to set up, lightweight, and can fold up to be taken around wherever you decide to go.

A Scrapbook

A scrapbook is a perfect and thoughtful present for a traveller. Whether you want to fill it with memories of the both of you for them to look over while away, or whether you want to leave it blank for them to fill with pictures, notes, quotes, and anything else from their travel experiences, the possibilities with a scrapbook are endless.

Vintage Camera and Photos on Map

A Travel Scratch Map

A travel scratch map is a map of the word that is coated with a scratch card like foil. Travellers can place these on their walls and scratch off each country that they have been to, revealing a bright colour to show how much of the world they have seen. They are perfectly portable as they are flat, so travellers can scratch each country off as they go, making a fun and personal record of all of the amazing destinations they have been to.

Navigation Map

Charging phone case

A charging phone case is a rather practical, yet necessary present when traveling. Many cases can boost your phone up to full charge from nothing, and some can even do more than one full charge. The wireless charging is great for days when travellers may be out and about, and not near a plug point, whether it be at the beach, trekking through forests, or out experiencing the history and culture.

Personalised luggage accessories

Personalised luggage accessories are different and unique presents. Many websites now let you personalise items to make them more special for your loved ones. A personalised padlock, luggage label, or luggage strap, make lovely presents for travellers. Not only are they a lot more meaningful than a standard luggage accessory, they will make their luggage stand out on the luggage conveyor belt against all of the plain black cases.


This present idea is for a lover of writing or blogging. A diary is a great way for travellers to log in detail their travelling experiences. A very thoughtful present, which they could look back on in 10 years and cherish the memories that it holds.

Woman Writing with Laptop

Mini travel toiletries

Mini travel toiletries are a definite must have for any traveller. You could put together a mini hamper of a few of their favourite mini travel toiletries, including shampoo, shower gel, facial scrub, deodorant etc. A very practical, yet thoughtful present.

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