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Tourists are “drinking Cuba dry”

11 Apr 2016

Cuba Beer

It’s being reported that the sudden increase in North American tourists to Cuba - who previously were unable to visit the country due to strict laws between Cuba and the US – is causing Cuba’s breweries to struggle to keep up with the surge in demand for Cuban beer.

From May, US cruise ships will begin docking in Havana, Cuba’s capital city, creating more strain on suppliers. A spokesperson from Bucanero, Cuba’s main brewery, said that the company is finding it difficult to keep up with demand, and may have to build a new plant to fulfil new orders. Bucanero produces beer under its own brand, and also the popular Cristal brand. As production of Cuba beer is far outweighed by demand, current plans include the import of three million cases of beer from Dominica.

Last year, tourism in Cuba was up 17% on the previous year, with visits from Americans rising 77%. In total, Cuba received a record 3.5 million visitors last year, from all over the world. Travel restrictions to American tourists were eased earlier this year, along with significant changes in restrictions to commerce and the use of U.S. dollars. President Obama made the first presidential visit to Cuba in 88 years in March of this year.