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5 Last-Minute
Valentine's Breaks


There's something about exploring an exotic destination that just screams romance. Be it a return to the place of your first holiday together or a brand new adventure to a city that's been on your combined bucket list for years - travel and love go hand in hand.

And with Valentine's Day just around the corner, what better way to show your other half you care than by organising a last-minute trip?

Granted, if you're looking now, you have really left it to the last minute, but that doesn't mean you still can't organise a fantastic holiday for two. Here are five ideas to get you in the romantic spirit.

1. Lake Como, Italy

Although nearby cities of Verona and Venice often steal the spotlight when it comes to romance, the sensational surroundings of Lake Como make it hard to beat for a last-minute Valentine's getaway.

Lake Como and the surrounding villages are incredibly quiet during this period, but you'll have plenty to keep you occupied as you explore the marvellous countryside together.

The lake's combination of architecture, typical of Renaissance Italy, and the sweeping alpine views around you only add to the romance of the region.

During February, the temperatures are mild and the rainfall is very infrequent making it perfect for long walks in the beautiful countryside.

Romantic Trip Valentines Day Holiday Lake Como

2. Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg's inimitable charm strikes you the moment you lay eyes on it. A masterpiece of Baroque architecture surrounded by stunning snow-capped mountains, the Austrian city looks as if it was dreamt up rather than built.

The city's Old Town in particular is a place of fascinating beauty and it has held the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. Particular highlights include Mozart's house, Hohensalzburg Castle, and the famous Getreidegasse Alley, where you'll find the perfect Valentine's gift for your love.

Adding to the romance of this European gem, you'll find an incredible number of high-quality restaurants nestled among Salzburg's quaint streets. There are eateries of all kinds branching out from the historic centre and spread about the city. Carpe Diem often tops the list of best places to eat in Salzburg while Restaurant Wilder Mann and Restaurant zum Eulenspiegel also boast impressive reputations.

Romantic trip to Salzburg

3. Paris, France

No Valentine's Day holiday list can be considered complete without Paris among its ranks. The City of Light is known for evoking passion and igniting the flames of love with its breathtaking architecture, world-class cuisine and incredible shopping options.

Take a stroll down the Champs-Élysées and treat each other to something nice before scaling the heights of the Eiffel Tower to marvel in the beauty of Paris.

When sampling Parisienne fair, it's best to seek out the places where the locals themselves dine. You may be met with a frosty reception, typical of the city, but this is part of any trip to Paris. Expect plenty of fine wine and delicious cheeses.

Paris - the most romantic city in the world!

4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

From its Medieval centre to the UNESCO Canal Ring, Amsterdam is a city of quiet charm and subtle romance. On an evening, when the lamps are lit and the streets are abuzz with curious tourists, there are few better cities in Europe for exploring with a loved one.

Rent a pair of bicycles - there are plenty of places to choose from - and discover the city on two wheels. Amsterdam is incredibly bike friendly and you'll see so many Amsterdammers getting around in this way, so why not join in and do as the locals do?

Combine sightseeing with a few stops at the many wonderful little canal-side cafes and make sure you visit the historic city centre, which is one of the largest in Europe.

Romantic Trip Valentines Day Holiday Amsterdam

5. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest doesn't often rank highly on romantic destination lists, but if you are after a cheap, last-minute getaway then you can't go far wrong with Hungary's capital.

Split in half by the majestic Danube, the city is home to some of the grandest buildings on the continent, with the beautiful Hungarian Parliament sitting near the top of the list.

In terms of romance, the city's many fantastic restaurants and bustling city centre makes Budapest a place where couples love to visit. You will see so many just strolling together, hands clasped together, enjoying the 19th century architecture and the pleasant atmosphere - why not join them?

Romantic Valentines Getaway to Budapest