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Booking in advance vs booking last minute

Does booking your holiday last minute mean you get a better deal? Will I still be able to get a good deal if I book in advance? How can I get the best deal for me and my family? If these questions sound familiar to you when booking your holiday, then carry on reading, as we bust these questions with the booking in advance vs booking last minute debate.

Booking in advance - advantages

- Booking a holiday in advance is certainly the better option for families with children still in school, as you are more likely to have limited timing windows, such as the Easter and summer holidays. Advanced booking allows you to get the pick of the newly released holidays, and seats on the plane, rather than having to scramble around for a last minute deal, trying to find something that works for the whole family.

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- Advanced booking allows you to take your time, and find early booking deals and discounts which could dramatically bring the price of your holiday down to the same bracket as when booking last minute.

- A better variety of hotels and hotel rooms will be available to you when booking in advance.

- If you have specific requirements, such as needing a room on the first floor, or a sea view, then this will be able to be catered for with more ease if booked in advance.

- Booking your holiday in advance gives you something to look forward to (especially through those winter months!) We recommend making a count down!

- Advanced booking allows you to pay off your holiday in instalment, thus allowing you time to save up some spending money!

Booking in advance - Disadvantages

- Booking in advance is often seen as a more expensive option, however, like we said previously, if you can snap up those early booking deals, you may be able to get the price of your holiday down to the same bracket as when booking last minute.

Booking last minute - Advantages

- Booking last minute deals can often lead to you getting your hands on some real bargains! And who doesn’t love a bargain…?

- A last minute holiday is a good way if you want to become more spontaneous.

Booking last minute - Disadvantages

- You can't be too picky! Booking last minute will mean that your travel plans will need to be pretty flexible, as your choice of flight dates, hotels, hotel rooms, boarding type, and plane seats will be limited.

- Full payment is usually at the time of booking, meaning that there is not much time to save for spending money!

money pink coinsTOP TIP: Our top tip for grabbing a last minute bargain is to sign up for online travel company’s newsletters. Signing up will mean you will receive emails with their latest deals and last minute trips, so you are informed as to when they are released.stylus pen on digital tablet screen

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