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Beauty products you need to take on your flight

June 2016

Facial Wipes

Although these are classed as the biggest beauty sin, they sure can be handy on a plane. Removing your makeup when flying is advised, as it reduces your chances of suffering from spot breakouts and dry skin. Facial wipes can help to put moisture back into your skin and can be used to refresh yourself throughout the flight. Facial wipes could also be used as a multi-purpose product, helping you out in scenarios including needing to wipe down your fold away table, or if you have spilt something.


Moisturiser is key when flying, as the use of air-conditioning in the confined cabin, and the recycled air can really dehydrate your skin. It is advised not to use powders, such as setting powders and blusher powders when applying your makeup before flying, as these can also help to dry out the skin. Sticking to a soft CC cream and a setting mist when applying your makeup before flying will help if you are wanting to avoid dryer and patchier skin. The use of a good moisturiser can help to rehydrate your skin, reduce any cracked or flaking skin, and can give you a shiny healthy-looking glow for when you step off the plane.

Lip Balm

Like your skin, your lips can also become very cracked and dry from the recycled cabin air and air conditioning. A lip balm in a stick form would be a more practical solution to this, rather than a lip balm pot, as you would not be using your finger to apply it, keeping everything stickiness free! Also, using your finger to apply lip balm from a pot can be an easy way to spread germs from the planes surfaces to your mouth. And no one wants to be ill when on holiday!

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers will be your best friend when traveling on a plane, as planes are known for being perfect breeding places for bacteria. Although they can dry out your hands, they can be very useful to protect you from the array of germs that live aboard planes. It has been known for passengers to clip their fingernails in their seat and even change a baby's nappy on the fold down table where passengers eat their food. With this information, it is no surprise that the fold away table has been found to be the most germ-ridden feature on a plane, along with the seat belt buckle and the toilet flusher. Once you have applied your hand sanitizer, use a hand cream to rehydrate your hands afterwards.

Mints or Chewing Gum

After a long haul flight and many naps, it is most likely that your breath won’t smell overly pleasant when arriving at your destination. Carrying a packet of mints or chewing gum can help to refresh your mouth and eliminate any unpleasant smells. A very useful tip if you are to be greeted by someone at the other end!


Be sure to drink plenty of water when flying. It is advised to purchase a large bottle of water once through security, to sip throughout the duration of your flight. This will ultimately keep you hydrated throughout the flight and prevent spot breakouts and skin dryness.

Nail Polish

Painting your nails, a bright colour will always make you feel better about yourself. So painting them whilst flying will make you feel and look your best when departing your plane. Just make sure that the bottle of the nail polish is plastic, or decant your favourite colour into a plastic decanting pot as there are different rules when carrying glass on board different flights. So it is better to be safe than sorry!


After a long haul flight, it is easy to get under eye circles, blemishes and spot breakouts. So concealer (along with hand sanitizer), will be your best friend when flying! Covering up any blemishes and under eye circles with concealer will help you to look fresh faced and awake, even if you don’t feel it!

Make sure that all of the liquid beauty products you decided to take on board meet with 100ml liquid security restrictions.

We hope that our top tips will help you to look and feel better when flying.

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