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Dreaming of a White (Sand) Christmas?

October 2016

Fed up of the UK’s miserable winter weather, and after some sun, sea, and sand? You could be dreaming of a white (sand) Christmas? Check out our top 3 destinations for some winter heat!


Just over a 9 hour flight away, Jamaica is an island nestled in the Caribbean, full of rich rainforests, and lined with a ribbon of sensational white sand beaches. Perfect for a Christmas get away, Jamaica offers soaring temperatures, which will not make you miss the miserable weather back at home. Sip on a freshly picked coconut at a beach bar, on one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, and listen to the crystal clear waves lap over the shore. What better way to spend your Christmas?

Average December Temperature: 26°C

Flight Duration: 9 hours 12 mins

Sea Sky Beach Holiday


A secret little gem in the pacific, perfect for winter heat! The white untouched beaches of Mauritius mirror those of the Caribbean. Mauritius is an island set away from all of the hustle and bustle, located just off of the East coast of Africa, neighbouring tropical Madagascar. Well known for its turquoise lagoons, and coral reefs brimming with an abundance of vibrant sea life, Mauritius definitely is a dream destination.

Average December Temperature: 28°C

Flight Duration: 11 hours 53 mins

Two Divers on Sea Ground


Across the Atlantic, and neighbouring some of the finest Caribbean islands including Cuba, and Jamaica, Mexico is all about relaxing, enjoyment, and family fun! A great Christmas destination for all of the family, Mexico offers a rich and intricate culture, along with stunning white sand beaches, clear blue skies, bubbly locals, and a lively nightlife, perfect for those who want to spend their holiday eating, drinking, and full of merriment.

Average December Temperature: 24°C

Flight Duration: 10 hours 42 mins

Palm Trees Blue Sky

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