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Germany in June:
5 Must-See Spots

Germany might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of a June break, but with temperatures sitting at around 22°C, it’s definitely a destination to consider. Long, pleasant, sunny days are perfect for exploring the country’s beautiful landscapes, historic towns, and vibrant culture. We’ve compiled a short list of five locations in Germany you should visit this June to get the most of your European getaway.

The Black Forest

Starting off strong, the Schwarzwald is nestled near the border of France and Switzerland, and comprises a vast and magical woodland almost 4,000 square miles in size. Known for its lush evergreen forests, serene lakes, and picturesque beauty, the region is nothing short of enchanting. Serving as the inspiration for the Brothers Grimm fairytales, it's no wonder that this destination has the reputation it does.

Aside from the wonders of the forest, you can also explore the charming town of Triberg, famous for its waterfalls and cuckoo clocks, and the university town of Freiburg, known for its architecture. Why not visit Alpirsbach’s 11th-century Benedictine monastery, or relax in Baden-Baden’s thermal spas? And while you’re in the Black Forest, it’s absolutely essential that you stop for a slice of Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest gâteau)!

Mozartfest, Würzburg

Head north-east to Würzburg between late May and late June, and you’ll find yourself amidst Germany’s oldest event. Established in 1921, four weeks are dedicated to the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, transforming the picturesque, riverside Würzburg into ‘Mozart City’.

Over 70 classical concerts and events take place in locations like the UNESCO World Heritage Würzburg Residence, the Court Gardens, churches, monasteries, wine cellars, and by industrial monuments. Surrounded by vineyards, the combination of beautiful music and historic venues makes Mozartfest a must-visit in June for a culturally rich and musically enchanting experience.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

You know Belle’s hometown in Beauty and the Beast? Well, stepping into Rothenburg is like stepping into a German version of that. Half-timbered houses, medieval architecture, and cobblestone streets truly bring a sense of fairytale to this Bavarian destination.

Highlights include a panoramic view from the 200-foot-tall Town Hall, and entertainment at the nearby Councillor’s Tavern, or Ratsherrntrinkstube. The Medieval Crime Museum also comes highly-recommended, if you’re up for a spine-chilling glimpse into the town’s past, or you could just visit St. Jakob’s church instead, and marvel at the 700-year-old stained glass windows.

Beautifully picturesque, the town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber is wonderfully preserved and colourful, blending history and charm into a relaxed escape from reality. And in June, although the crowds are likely to be less, you’ll still find yourself soaking up a lively and pleasantly warm atmosphere.

The Berlin Wall

No trip to Germany is complete without a visit to Berlin, and in particular the Berlin Wall. Although maybe not quite as beautiful as endless forests or fantasy townhouses, this powerful symbol of 20th-century history is really quite impressive in its own way.

Adorned with colourful graffiti, the East Side Gallery showcases almost a mile of murals from artists worldwide, bringing art and interest to Germany’s position in the Cold War. Checkpoint Charlie also serves as a reminder of Berlin’s division, and The Wall Museum guides visitors through the construction and destruction of the Wall itself.

With the pleasant June weather making it easy to visit outdoor sites, the livelihood and community of the current city stands in stark contrast to the oppression of the past.


If your vibe is a bit higher off the ground, you can always visit the highest mountain in Germany. Zugspitze stands at nearly 10,000ft, and you can get to the summit via the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn mountain railway or in just 10 minutes by record-breaking cable car. When you arrive you’re greeted with panoramic views of over 400 mountain peaks across both Germany and Austria, and dine at one of the three available restaurants. While Zugspitze is popular for winter skiing, June is perfect for exploring without the crowds.

At the base of Germany’s highest peak lies the perfectly crystal-clear waters of Eibsee. This alpine lake along with its charming islands makes it an ideal destination for hiking, swimming, and photography, with numerous outcrops and overlooks giving you breathtaking views.

Whatever your bag - history, nature, art, music - Germany pretty much has it all. Popping over around June, you can immerse yourself in culture, beauty, and community without crowds, while basking in a perfectly comfortable spring season.

17th June 2024