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20 Travel Tips For An Easier Trip

When it comes to travelling, we’re always looking for ways to make our lives a little bit easier. Here are 20 tips to help your journey be smoother, cheaper, and more organised.

  1. 1. Don’t exchange your currency at the airport. The kiosks there deliberately increase the exchange rate because they know you’re likely to need cash straight off the plane.
  2. 2. Fly to a smaller airport. Less walking, less waiting, less hassle.
  3. 3. Before an evening flight, check for foody bargains. Grab a marked-down sandwich from the fridge at M&S after 7pm.
  4. 4. Packing cubes will change your life. You’ll be so surprised at the amount you can fit in a little zip-up bag, and how many zip-up bags you can fit in your suitcase.
  5. 5. Go veggie - just once. On a long-haul flight, order the vegetarian meal in advance. They like to get these handed out first, so you’ll have a hotter, fresher meal ahead of the crowd.
  6. 6. Get the app. Most airlines nowadays have apps which you can download to your smartphone - keep up to date with flight times and gate changes.
  7. 7. Queue to the left. Apparently if there are two queues, most people will join the one on the right due to their right hand being dominant. 
  8. 8. Give a copy of your travel insurance to someone. If the worst happens, they can then kickstart a claim while you’re away. This isn’t necessarily a hack - it’s just smart.
  9. 9. Say merhaba! Learn key words like ‘hello’, ‘thank you’, ‘yes/no’, and ‘where’s the loo?’ to show you’re at least a little interested in communicating with the people serving your dinner. A little goes a long way. 
  10. 10. Leave your book behind. If you know you’re unlikely to read it once you’re home, leave it in the lobby. You’ll also contribute to reducing waste, and hundreds of others can then enjoy the same stories you have.
  11. 11. Eat at local restaurants. Better food, better pricing, better service, and better for the community.
  12. 12. Be excursion-savvy. Do a little bit of research and book your own trips/outings. The museum, beach, or water park you want to go to is probably only a 15 minute walk away. 
  13. 13. Take advantage of the busy hours. Especially aboard a cruise on port days. If you haven’t got a particular interest in your destination, take a break and explore the ship while things are quiet - look for deals and get the most out of extortionate cruise prices.
  14. 14. Book six to twelve weeks in advance. Airfares are proven to be cheaper around this time.
  15. 15. Do it yourself. Yes it might be more convenient to go to a travel agent and let them do the work, but you could literally save hundreds if you do a quick Google and book it yourself.
  16. 16. Use a different ferry crossing. Don’t just stick with what you know - if the departure port is further from home than you’d like, make a day of it and get a cheap hotel nearby.
  17. 17. Remember data roaming. Keep a physical version of all the information you might need in the event you’ve got no internet. Get yourself a poly-pocket, envelope, travel wallet, any kind of hold-it-together option, and keep it close to you or give copies to fellow travellers. Honestly, this is a really good habit to adopt!
  18. 18. There’s no harm in asking! Check with the staff at the front desk if you can have a quieter room, or one with a bath - you might end up with an accidental upgrade.
  19. 19. Keep a shoe in the safe. While getting ready to leave your room, the night before put one of the shoes you plan on wearing to travel in the safe with your passport and wallet. This way you’re less likely to leave your documents behind, given you’ve only got one shoe on. 
  20. 20. Use your credit card for the deposit. If your accommodation holds an amount while you’re staying with them, you won’t have to wait as long for any money to appear back in your account once you’ve left.

And be kind! Smile at others, use your manners, and be patient. Don’t be one of those tourists.

18th March 2024