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How To Keep Well Hydrated on Holiday

Dehydration is a common illness with holidaymakers, caused by not drinking enough fluid, to replace the fluid that the body loses due to the heat. Several factors can help our body to become dehydrated such as the climate, physical exercise, and our diets. In order to prevent yourself from becoming dehydrated abroad, follow our simple tips:

Take drinks wherever you go

When out exploring your holiday destination, it is important to bear in mind that there may not be shops and cafes nearby. So it is crucial to take enough drinks with you, to last you the duration of your day trip!

In some countries, towns and cities have communal drinking fountains, where you can top your bottle up throughout the day!

Not a fan of water?

Many people say that they would drink more water if it had a better taste, but rehydrating yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you just have to drink plain water! If you're not a fan of water, you can stay hydrated using squashes and cordials to mix with water. Many soft drink companies have now made it even easier to take squash around with you! Small pocket-sized bottles of concentrated juice have recently been introduced to the market, where users can squeeze just a couple of drops into their water when they are on the go.

Sports fanatic? You need to replace the water that your body sweats!

If you like to participate in physical activities, such as jogging, swimming, and playing tennis, it is easier for you to lose water through sweating, whether you are on holiday or at home. Ensure you take a drink with you, in order to keep your fluid levels up, and to prevent dehydration symptoms. The body benefits most from drinking small sips, rather than a whole bottle in one go!


Check your urine!

In order to ensure you are drinking a sufficient amount, there is a simple check you can do. Keeping an eye on the colour of your urine can be a helpful indicator. The darker your urine, the more fluid you need to drink.

What not to drink

If you find yourself feeling dehydrated, there are some drinks which you should steer clear of. Alcohol and caffeine can be dehydrating to your body. In order to prevent dehydration, it is advised that you drink a soft drink in between your alcoholic ones!


Stay in the shade

As well as drinking water, it is important that your body is not exposed to the sun for too long. The sun is always at its strongest between 11am and 3pm. Spending too much time in the sun can raise the body's temperature, causing you to lose more water. Try to remain in the shade between these peak times in order to avoid symptoms of dehydration. Also, if you are showing symptoms of dehydration, sit in the shade, and sip a glass of water slowly, in order to rehydrate yourself.

Eat your water!

Eating fruit and vegetables can also be a great way to hydrate yourself! Different fruits and vegetables contain different amounts of water. Fruits and vegetables containing high amounts of water, and that are a great way to hydrate yourself include: watermelon, strawberries, grapefruit, pineapple, spinach, and cauliflower.

Healthy Food

The NHS warn that the following signs may mean that you are dehydrated:

  • - Feeling thirsty
  • - Tiredness
  • - Feeling lightheaded
  • - Dark coloured and strong smelling urine
  • - Urinating less often
  • More information on dehydration can be found here on the official NHS website

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