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5 Ways A Holiday Can Improve Your Health!

Whether you prefer venturing through some of the world's most famous bustling cities, or taking the time to kick back and relax in an idyllic holiday resort, travelling can provide a host of little known benefits for you both physically and mentally! So we have taken the time to list some of the key benefits for you below:

1. Increasing Your Activity Levels (without knowing)

Whilst at home, it can feel like a bit of a chore trying to find both the time and the will to be able to increase your activity levels, whereas whilst on holiday you'll find that without even realising you may be increasing your NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis).

NEAT describes the number of calories that we burn via means that do not involve direct exercise or planned sports, so this could include a calming walk along the Copacabana beach of Brazil or ascending the hills of the Swiss plateau to see the majestic sights the country has to offer. Whichever you decide, know that you’ll be doing both your mind and body the world of good! (Which in our opinion justifies that dessert!).

2. Cleansing Your Mind!

Taking the time away from the mundane tasks that we subject ourselves to the majority of our working week can do wonders for our mental health! Sunbathing next to a pool, taking a few hours a day to siesta or floating along the pool on a lilo with a book in one hand and your choice of drink in the other are all great ways to take your mind off of the pressures that you have left behind at home whilst also lowering the amount of those nasty little stress hormones which can build up over time.

3. Giving Your Body Time To Recover

Our bad habits that we can pick up during our working routine can lead to some adverse effects on our bodies such as muscle imbalances, repetitive strain injuries and even certain postural defects. So it's important to give your body a welcome break from these poor habits to give it the time to rest and recover that it requires, leaving you feeling recharged and refreshed.

4. Bringing You Closer To Nature

If you find yourself spending the majority of your time working in a city travelling solely to and from work, it's not uncommon for you to feel isolated, overwhelmed and lethargic. Travelling to certain remote locations around the world can help alleviate those feelings as the feeling of being connected to nature is commonly cited as one of the more therapeutic ways of improving our mental health.

5. The Weather Helps!

A lot of the time, the weather is the sole reason a lot of us go on a holiday, but did you know that the weather can provide us with a variety of different health benefits? If you're braving the cold climates of countries like Iceland or Canada, you may be surprised to find out that the cold weather can actually provide you with such benefits including improved allergies, better sleep and rejuvenated skin!

On the other hand, if you like to visit a warmer climate, healthy exposure to sunlight can help you naturally increase your vitamin D levels helping your immune system and promoting stronger bones, as well as an enhanced mental performance as studies have shown higher overall alertness and better memory when your body temperature is high.

No matter where you decide to holiday, do so knowing that there are a variety of health benefits for each of the unique environments around the world. For those that have read this far and are wondering if there are any other benefits of travelling abroad, there is one more, the stress-free experience of purchasing your travel insurance with Direct Travel Insurance.

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