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15 airport thoughts we've all had

July 2016

The thought of going on holiday is amazing, but the realisation of going through the dreaded airport process is not. Here are 15 thoughts that cross ALL holidaymakers brains when travelling through the airport.

Did I remember to turn ALL my electricals off at home? Even the straightners…?

Surely I'm just doubting myself? Am I?

Where’s my passport…!?

Where’s my boarding pass…!?

Money Tickets and Phone

I hope this security queue moves quickly, I have Duty Free shopping to do people!

Clothes on Rail

Did I remember to take out that hand cream? I don’t want them to take it away!

Do I smell like a perfume concoction after spraying all of those perfume testers?

Did I really spend all of that money in Duty Free?

My plane has better not be delayed!

Trust my gate to be at the other side of the airport!

Airport Departure Lounge

I can’t forget to check in on Facebook and rub it in for everyone at work...

Man with Phone and Bag

That 30-strong rowdy hen group had better not be on my plane

Prays that there is a free seat next to me...or even better, a whole row to myself!

What if I get a crying child in the seat behind me!?

My suitcase had better not be the last off the plane… I need all the tanning time I can get

Girls Sunbathing

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