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The 5 Different Types of Travellers

When travelling with your group of friend, it is often clear that you all fall into roles. In this post, we go through some of the main types of travellers and what they are like.

The Thrill-seeker

The thrill-seeker takes full advantage of being away from home and free from education. They are not afraid to let their hair down and have a good time. You’ll find them doing every activity available, whether it be sky diving, snorkelling, or doing a canyon swing, without a single bit of hesitation!


The Over-Packer

The over-packer is the one friend who just takes too much unnecessary stuff. They are the ones at the airport over their baggage weight limit, who try to dish out their belongings to everyone else in the group, in order to be within the weight limit. Like who really needs 2 coats, 4 scarves, and 6 pairs of goggles for a 2 month trip to Thailand…? They just like to be prepared for every occasion.

The Junior Photographer

The junior photographer likes to think that they are a professional photographer. They snap a picture of literally everything and anything that they witness on their travels, until the point where it begins to annoy you. They use every hashtag imaginable to get as many likes on their pic of their airplane food #plane #planefood #yum #travels #upintheair #yumyum. Yes it’s nice to have the memories to look back on, but live a little, and have the experience to remember!


The Organiser

Although they can often come across as bossy, the organiser is a crucial part in how successful the trip is going to be. They like to be in control, and organise everything including, the flights, the food, the accommodation, that transportation etc. They have used their pack of 100 multi-coloured highlighters and vibrant sticky notes in order to map every day of your trip out in full detail.


The Budgeter

The one who is forever saying “You can’t have that, we need our money for…” Although what they say may be very sensible, a gap year is for letting your hair down after over 13 years of education. As long as you are careful with your money, it is okay to treat yourself once in a while!


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