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Is Travel Insurance Really Worth The Additional Cost?

March 2017

Passport, check. Boarding pass, check. Sun cream, check. But there is often one important factor people tend to forget to put on their packing list… travel insurance.

Travel insurance plays a key part in any trip. Not only can it cover you for any unexpected medical emergencies, it can also cover you for a whole lot more, including some incidents you may not have ever thought it could cover you for. In this post, we go over why we truly believe travel insurance is by far worth the additional cost.

Travel Insurance is a Safety Blanket

Travel insurance does not just cover you for emergency hospital trips abroad, it can actually cover you for much much more. Most of the time, travel insurance can cover you for incidents you may have not even thought about, acting as a safety blanket.

Not only can some travel insurance policies cover you for medical emergencies, but they can also cover you for trip cancellation, flight delay, natural catastrophe, cancellation, delayed baggage, personal money, and so much more; all before you’ve even set foot in your intended destination.

At Direct Travel, we have several levels of cover, so that you can find the perfect policy for you!


It’s a Relatively Small Cost

Travel insurance is a relatively small cost when set against the overall price of a trip, for a lot of protection should things go wrong.

It is important to remember that although you may have found a cheap quote, the cheapest quotes may not suit all the needs you require it to. When purchasing your travel insurance with Direct Travel, our helpful levels of cover break down what the price quoted includes. Our Premier Plus level offers the most protection for a broader range of scenarios.

Compare great value travel insurance from a complete range of medical travel insurance providers, with Direct Travel Insurance!


When it comes to pre-existing medical conditions, finding the perfect travel insurance policy can be tricky. Our easy to use online medical screening process allows us to tailor your policy specifically to your needs. If you would prefer to talk to someone, our UK based friendly team are here to help, 6 days a week!

If you are travelling to Europe, your EHIC will only cover you for so much. An EHIC allows you to receive state-funded or discounted health care across the EEA and Switzerland. It covers medical treatment that is ‘medically necessary,’ and will provide you with the same treatment the country provides its residents with. Remember, taking an EHIC is not an alternative to purchasing travel insurance. An EHIC will not cover you for private health care costs, repatriation, lost, stolen or damaged property, trip cancellation etc. Having to be repatriated without travel insurance can potentially amount to tens of thousands of pounds. It is important to purchase travel insurance as well as taking your EHIC, as travel insurance can cover you for a wider range of incidents.

Stethoscope Medical
  • Common medical conditions for which cover is available include:

  • Arthritis

  • Asthma

  • Cancer

  • Dementia

  • Depression

  • Epilepsy

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Slipped Disc

As well as these common medical conditions, we also provide cover for many more. These can be found on our website, or our call agents will be more than happy to help!

Remember, it is important that you declare all of your pre-existing medical conditions before purchasing your policy. Failure to do so could mean that you will NOT be covered in the event of having to make a claim.


Having travel plans can be exciting; but unfortunately, some unplanned circumstances can mean that you have to cancel or cut short your trip. Travel insurance can cover you for a spectrum of reasons as to why you may want to cancel your trip. So if you or a family member became seriously ill, or there was a change in FCDO travel advice stating against all but essential travel to your destination, then cancellation cover will ensure that you are covered if any unforeseen incident were to crop up.

Additional Covers

We like to tailor our travel insurance policies to you. So if you are off on a golfing getaway or a Caribbean cruise, we can tailor your policy to suit your trip.

As well as screening your pre-existing medical conditions, you can also include additional covers onto your policy, so that you are covered for everything you plan to get up to. At Direct Travel, we offer a range of additional covers, including cruise, golf, winter sports, travel disruption, and business cover.

Our additional covers can be selected when requesting a quote.

If you’re heading off to the slopes for some fun in the snow, our additional winter sports cover can cover you for incidents including piste closure, avalanche cover, and even lost, stolen, or damaged winter sports equipment. Over 100 different winter sports activities can also be covered, including snowboarding, cross country skiing, ice diving, and sledging/sleighing.

Or if you are heading on a friends golfing trip, our additional golf cover can protect your equipment should it be lost, stolen, and/or damaged (applies to equipment up to three years old).

Golf Club and Golf Ball

Passport and Travel Documents

The loss or theft of your passport or travel documents can be a sickening thought, especially with the additional replacement costs on top. Travel insurance can help to take away the further worry of additional costs of replacing your passport, travel tickets, and visas.

At Direct Travel, our UK based assistance and claims team make claiming easy.

Enjoy Your Trip

The best thing of all, purchasing travel insurance allows you to switch off and enjoy your trip, knowing that if anything were to go wrong, you’re covered! Have peace of mind on your next break away, with Direct Travel.

Deck Chairs on Beach

Have a worry free holiday, knowing that you are covered with Direct Travel! You can get your travel insurance from Direct Travel at either or ring our friendly UK based travel team on 0330 880 3600. We currently offer an online discount for policies purchased online! The price quoted includes up to a 15% discount on our Direct Travel Brand policies, compared to call centre prices.

*Please note the cover available will vary dependent on each individual’s medical screening.**Further details on your cover can be found in your policy wordings, including what you are and are not covered for.