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8 Cabin Crimes You Shouldn't Commit

If you don't want to be that annoying passenger on the plane, then carry on reading to learn all about the ‘in-air’ etiquette.

Not telling your children off for being disruptive

There is nothing worse than sitting in front of a screaming, kicking, toddler now is there…? With their constant fidgeting and misbehaviour, every thought that passes through the poor person in fronts head is “are we there yet?” every ten seconds.

interior plane cabinPlaying your music too loud

Now there is absolutely no problem with listening to music when flying, as it can be a very good pastime for many people. With Nielsen’s Music 360 2014 study showing that a staggering 93% of the U.S. population listens to music, and spend over 25 hours per week dancing away to their favourite songs. However, when your favourite rock songs filter through your headphones while it is 1am over The Atlantic, then this starts to become unacceptable.

new smart head phonesStanding in the isle to chat to your friends

Finally plucking up the courage to ask the two strangers next to you to move, so that you can go to the toilet, only to find out that you are obstructed by a group of friends standing in the isle gossiping. Not only do you have to interrupt their conversation to ask them to politely move, if they have not yet finished they will all squidge into the chairs next to them, placing their elbows and bottoms in the seated people’s faces. Not a very nice experience for the people sitting down!

Reclining your seat

The most selfish and thoughtless cabin crime of them all, is reclining your seat. Imagine what the person behind you feels like, when you recline your seat and they end up with half of the dinner all over their lap… just think about it…

Invading someone else’s space

Battling over an armrest that is technically yours anyway, is not a fun game on top of all of the stress that comes with the whole ‘going on holiday process.’ Make sure you stick to your armrest and keep all of your belongings under your side of the seat, in order to keep on good terms with your in-air neighbours. Also, if you intend to sleep on the plane, maybe invest in a neck pillow to prevent you from getting yourself into awkward situations - waking up to dribble marks on your neighbour's shoulder would be rather embarrassing.

Removing your shoes and socks

One of the biggest sins to commit on a plane is taking your shoes and socks off after a sweaty journey through the airport. Remember to be considerate and think of the others around you. No one should have to be put through experiencing that.

converse all stars best holiday shoesRushing off of the plane to be the first in the passport queue

You may feel very efficient undoing your seat belt and gathering your belongings together, before the plane has even touched down (we do not recommend this FYI), just to get off of the plane first to be at the front of the passport queue. However it is most likely that other planes will be coming in at similar times as yours, so it is very likely that you won't be the first in the queue and will have to line up with everyone else. Nice try though.

plane serviceLeaving your seat (especially a window seat) way more than necessary

Although it may be lovely to have a window seat as you get a beautiful view, they bring the awkwardness of having to move your entire row every time you need to leave your seat. Try to plan ahead to avoid any awkwardness. Maybe get out all of your belongings that you will need throughout the flight from your bag before placing it in the overhead compartments, and before the others in your row get to their seats. This way you are limiting the times you will have to disturb them. Also, plan for needing the toilet. Although this may sound ludicrous, try to go before boarding the plane in order not to disturb your neighbours too early on into the flight. Also, try to work around them. If you notice them starting to fall asleep, or the in-flight meals beginning to come out, politely ask them if you can get past to go to the toilet, as just imagine their rolling eyes when you wake them up from the sleep, or stop them from eating their meal just so that you can use the lavatory.

earth from a plance

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