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Travel Insurance Bouvet Island

Bouvet Islands

Bouvet Island Country Guide

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Quick Facts

Official Name: Bouvet Island
Capital: N/A
Official Languages: N/A
Spoken Languages: N/A
Population: Uninhabited
Currency: N/A
Time Zone: GMT 0

Bouvet Island is a sub-Antarctic island that is situated in the South Atlantic Ocean. Bouvet Island is the most remote island on Earth due to the closest piece of land is over 1,100m, this is Antarctica. 93% of the island is covered in a glacier, there is also an inactive volcano which resides in the centre of the island. Bouvet Island is a nature reserve and has been since 1971.

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Due to the majority of the island being a glacier, the island takes the shape of a dome. High seas and steep coasts cause the island to be problematic for landing on, the only landing spot is Nyrøysa which is a rockslide and homes the weather station that the island is used for other than a nature reserve. Bouvet Island has an Antarctic climate. Fog and heavy clouds are common as well as the cold temperatures. Temperatures can be as low as -5°C (23°F) but can rise to be as high as 4°C (39°F).

Geographic data: 54 25.8° S 3 22.8° E

Natural hazards: No major hazards associated with Bouvet Island.

Birth rate: 0 births/1000 people

Death rate: 0 deaths/1000 people

Life expectancy: N/A

You are not permitted to drive on Bouvet Island due to the terrain and weather conditions. As only limited amount of people use the island, only specialised vehicles are permitted. There are no transport links.

There is no recorded crime on Bouvet Island as only a select amount of people are allowed on the island.

There is no immigration office on the island. However, you are only permitted if you go with the research team that visits the island yearly. You will have to have a skill that will be useful for the trip e.g. biologist, geologist, etc.

Currency: N/A

No economy on the island.

There are no health requirements to travelling to Bouvet Island.

Direct Travel Insurance cannot offer cover for any areas or countries to which the FCDO advise against travel.

Bouvet Island is a nature reserve with a weather station on the island for research. There are no people living on the island nor is there any media and culture for the island. A Norwegian research team visit the island yearly to carry out research using the weather station but do not stay for long on the island.