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water skiing

Water-skiing Travel Insurance

Water-skiing is a water sport which involves the participant being pulled behind a boat or installation, while wearing skis and skimming the surface of the water. To do this, the body of water needs to be wide and smooth, and the skier must have the adequate level of endurance, balance, and strength.

The sport was invented in 1922 using a clothesline and a pair of boards, and it became an Olympic sport fifty years later in 1972. Since then it’s become a popular water sport for all ages across most regions of the world. It even has a place in the world records - in 2010, a whopping 145 skiers were successfully towed using a singular boat!

Who goes water-skiing on holiday?

Water-skiing is highly adaptable to suit everyone’s ability and cater to a range of impairments; with expert support, specialist equipment, and qualified instructors, you can learn to water-ski whatever your circumstances.

Although a competitive sport, many people take part for fun and it’s a popular recreational activity to do while abroad. Whether you’re a beginner, improver, or advanced water-skier, there are resorts all over the world offering a range of courses which can be included in your holiday package. The activity can also be booked per tow in resort, or at your local beach while on holiday.

As adventurous and exciting as it may be, water sports can be dangerous and unpredictable. Soft tissue injuries, dislocations, breaks, and sprains, are all common risks while on the water. It is also worth bearing in mind that any historical upper body injuries may be exacerbated during this sport, so make sure you’re physically able to participate if this is the case.

Where do people go water skiing on holiday?

The Mediterranean offers endless opportunities if you’re looking for the wide calm wakes required to water-ski, especially Greece and its myriad of coastlines. Ververoda Lake in Peloponnese lies just behind the village of Porto Heli, and serves as the perfect destination for those seeking to escape the traditional tourist resorts. The lake has its own water-ski centre, and each year the Senior World Competition takes place here, bringing athletes from all over the world to surprise spectators in a water-skiing competition across the crystal-clear waters.

Further afield, Acapulco in Mexico boasts the country’s oldest and largest water-ski resort. It has been hailed as one of the best places to water-ski, or learn to water-ski, due to the perfect conditions offered by the calm, warm waters. With close to no water traffic for a majority of the year, the lagoon remains open for water sports enthusiasts, or families looking for an active and exciting option to add to their beachside experience. Mexico provides incredible natural beauty alongside a sun-drenched climate, all while immersed in a friendly and enchanting atmosphere. Get yourself out on the water to experience this beautiful country from a whole new perspective.

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