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banana boating

Banana-Boating Travel Insurance

Invented by Walter Napoleon in 1971, banana boats are recreational inflatables, usually towed by a speedboat. They can carry anywhere from three to ten passengers, although it is likely that you’ll be spending some time in the water! Fast turns and quick manoeuvres mean that it’s tricky to keep your balance, so make sure you’re supplied with a life jacket before you take part.

Who goes banana-boating on holiday?

Anyone can get involved, and whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, banana-boating is guaranteed to provide smiles and laughter all round. The general rule is that passengers are required to be at least 8 years old, and the upper age limit is dependent on the wellness of the individual.

No previous watersports experience is needed if you decide to go banana-boating. For safety reasons however, most aquatic sports activities require that participants are able to swim. Please remember that the danger of going at speed on the water is just as dangerous as it is on land. Injuries such as breaks, sprains, and muscle damage, are all very real possibilities.

Where do people go on banana-boating holidays?

Whether Benidorm in Spain, Marmaris in Turkey, or even Tanjung Benoa in Bali, banana boats can be found at beachside destinations around the world. This watersport can be marketed as a day trip or excursion to a secluded beach but the option is often available at your local beach.

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