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Tandem Parachute Travel Insurance

Parachuting can be performed as both a recreational activity or a competitive sport, and for many it’s a bucket list favourite. Tandem parachuting involves jumping out of an aircraft while connected to an instructor via a harness, and as there are minimal expectations of the student, many first-time skydivers opt for this choice. In recent years, advances in safety combined with dive accessibility and charity jumps mean that now over three million people take part in this heart-racing activity.

The rush as you hurtle through the air with views normally only appreciated through small windows of aircraft make this truly an experience to remember, particularly for the likes of Pat Moorehead, who celebrated his 80th birthday with 80 jumps in a single day, showing that this is a sport for young and old thrill-seekers alike.

Who does a tandem parachute on holiday?

Tandem parachuting is suitable for participants aged 16/18 or above, depending on the chosen organisation. Due to the nature of the sport, there are also a range of restrictions surrounding the height and weight of an individual, as well as the weather conditions in which you are able to jump. As imagined, this can vary from day-to-day and it is important to respect the judgement of your instructor if the conditions aren’t suitable. For those with a physical disability, or a condition which may restrict mobility, an assessment will need to be conducted to ensure the safety of your jump - in this event the skydive provider will need to be contacted for more information.

Given these factors, if you intend to give it a go, it’s definitely worth planning ahead of time.

Where do people go on tandem parachute holidays?

While there are countless destinations all over the world to skydive, the view is the key to taking a jump which will provide memories for years to come.

One of Europe’s top destinations for parachuting is undoubtedly the Algarve in Portugal, where coastal views, clear skies, and a sun-drenched climate await you. Skydiving events or ‘boogies’ are also regular occurrences here, where like-minded adrenaline-chasers gather to take multiple jumps a day from unique aeroplanes amongst world-class skydivers. Nightly activities, meals, and even Christmas gatherings mean that you really grow to understand the community of the sport while participating in life-changing experiences.

For those wanting to go further and fly higher, the Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand offers some of the highest commercial jumps available. Described as one of the most beautiful places on earth, you’ll see snowy peaks, stunning rainforests, and glassy lakes as you descend from a height of up to 20,000ft. Tandem parachuting is the safest and fastest way for an inexperienced skydiver to witness these landscapes, falling through the air at a speed of 120mph then landing safely on the ground after gliding under a parachute for over a minute.

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