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Rowing Travel Insurance

The sport of rowing is as old as the international Olympics themselves, being one of the original activities included in the competition since 1896, and since 1971 people have been touring lakes, rivers, and canals all over the world.

Improving your rowing skills is a great travel objective. From training camps to leisurely coastal tours, these holiday excursions provide the opportunity to balance the sport with sightseeing and cultural activities.

Who goes rowing on holiday?

It is expected that you have a firm understanding of how to row a scull or other row boat. As you are likely to find yourself in unknown territory and far from your usual comforts, you will need to be able to row efficiently in unfamiliar surroundings.

It is also likely that you find yourself rowing amongst strangers and alongside varying degrees of capability, so it is important that you are able to adapt to a team environment outside what you are accustomed to. Remember that this is all part of the adventure! You’ll make friends with like-minded people who are interested in getting afloat and enjoying some exercise in beautiful surroundings.

We would ask that you remain mindful of your bodily abilities as, although rewarding, rowing is physically demanding. Bear in mind any muscular or skeletal injuries or damage which may impact your ability to row without further harm.

Where do people go on rowing holidays?

The Douro Valley in northern Portugal winds through vineyards and heritage sites, making it a popular destination for rowers. Tours are available mostly during the summer and autumn months, often with accommodation included and even options for non-rowers if your travelling companions do not share your passion.

If you wish to experience paradise, the Maldives may be your cup of tea. Rowing has long-standing roots in the Maldives, with wooden boats used for fishing and travel between islands. Whether you’re a seasoned rowing athlete in need of an active getaway, or an enthusiastic amateur looking to see more of the world, these crystal clear waters will lend themselves to all rowing fanatics.

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