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off road biking

Off-Road Motorcycling Travel Insurance

The first motorbike was developed in Germany in 1885, and was originally dubbed the ‘Reitwagen’. Since then, the evolution of this vehicle has enabled riders to explore a myriad of activities using variations of the machine - one of the most popular being the off-road motorcycle. These vehicles are lighter, more flexible, and include specifications such as higher gears and advanced suspension.

Off-road motorcycling covers a variety of sports but in essence means that you do not ride on public roads or highways. From dirtbikes to touring, this is a great option for travellers looking for excitement outside of their comfort zone, who are willing to push their skills and talent in untravelled territory.

There are many kinds of off-road motorcycling, with skill sets suited to preferences like speed, all-terrain, distance, or downhill competition. When booking insurance, you will need to communicate the exact nature of your intentions, as enduro or motocross participation is likely to carry higher risks than simply riding an adventure bike through territory off the beaten track.

Who goes on off-road motorcycling holidays?

Trails riders can be as young as 4 years old, and off-road adventure riders can still be active into older age. Provided that the necessary licences, body protection, and safety precautions are in place, off-road motorcycling is a guaranteed source of fun for all involved.

Both novice and experienced riders can make the most from tailored excursions, which differ between ability levels so that everyone can fully enjoy their off-road experience. If you make plans to challenge yourself, remember that you should always make sure that you are safe in your competence and prepare accordingly.

Where can you go on off-road motorcycling holidays?

The mountainous region of Southern Spain lends itself to hundreds of miles of off-road trails. The panoramic views across its rugged mountains mean that most areas of Malaga are well-used by dirt bikers or companies which offer off-road excursions. October is the prime time to visit, when the cool autumn breeze accompanies the change in season, transforming the natural landscape. If you’re looking for casual or challenging, coast or mountainous, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of off-road options.

Or venture further south still, and enter the north African sands of Morocco. Aimed at off-road riders with experience on loose terrain, you’ll traverse winding trails and reach untracked plateaus. Dramatic mountain views, vast dunes, and rocky canyons await you for a fun-fuelled, adrenaline-filled adventure.

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