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shark diving

Shark Cage Diving Travel Insurance

Shark cages are the safest way of diving with sharks. Observers are positioned inside a metal shark-proof cage, which is usually attached to a boat, and the divers can then get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures.

Developed in 1956 by filmmaker Jacques Cousteau, shark cages have developed over time to become the thrill-seeking tourist activity we have all heard of today. With origins in Australia, as soon as South Africa protected the species, cage diving became popular there too. Many report that the experience is life-changing, breathtaking, and humbling, in direct contrast to the reputation given to sharks in movies such as Jaws.

Understandably, lots of people worry about the safety of shark cage diving. However, you’ll be pleased to hear that you’re 100% more likely to be killed by an object randomly falling from the sky than on a shark cage dive!

Who goes shark cage diving on holiday?

This activity is available to both novice and experienced divers, and better still there is no previous experience required. You do not need to have any diver qualifications, however those that suffer from heart or circulatory conditions may be disqualified from diving safely, so we would suggest that you check you’re able to dive before making any plans.

Where do people go on shark cage diving holidays?

Dive where it all started on the south coast of Australia! Port Lincoln is one of only five destinations in the world where you can witness the famous great white shark up close and personal.

Or dive closer to home in Madeira, where the most common sighted shark species are hammerheads, mako, and blue sharks. The mild climate and warm waters make this destination a popular and interesting diving spot for travellers looking to see a wide variety of sealife.

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