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assault course

Assault Courses Travel Insurance

Assault courses, or obstacle courses, were originally developed in the military to build teamwork and fitness levels, as well as to demonstrate techniques used to cross difficult barriers. They include tasks such as climbing, crawling, running, and balancing, all against the clock - today they’re popular as a recreational activity for both children and adults alike. Inflatable assault courses are available to do both on land and on water, and you can even hire courses for parties and events.

For those who are more into their fitness, there are bootcamps available which serve as a true challenge for those wanting to push themselves. These can be courses which are many miles long with up twenty five obstacles or more.

Who does assault courses on holiday?

If you intend to take part in an assault course it’s expected that you’re in good physical condition. No matter your age or ability however, there are courses to suit everyone, ranging from those hardcore training sessions to fun-filled family competition. You’re helped along by fellow course runners, so it’s a real team sport with plenty of encouragement and guidance available along the way.

Once you finish one, you’re sure to want to do another! The more courses you do, the fitter you become and the more skilled you get, meaning you’ll be racing through them in no time and might even need to go further afield to face new challenges.

Expect to come away from these events with a few bumps, bruises, and scrapes. If this is something you’re worried about, make sure you check in with your GP before taking part.

Where do people go on assault courses holidays?

From Scotland to the United States, obstacle and assault courses are available all over the world. They vary in length and can include all manner of challenges from monkey bars to rope climbs, tunnels to water challenges, and walls to scale as tall as 10ft.

For more dedicated, endurance-based courses the Tough Mudder may be your cup of tea. This requires a high level of fitness and is more difficult than the softer courses offered on a more amateur basis.

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