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Motorcycling Travel Insurance

Motorcycles have been around since 1885, when Wilhelm Maybach designed an engine which would later be used by Mercedes. Perhaps one of the most well-known motorcycle manufacturers known the world over is Harley-Davidson, whose humble beginnings meant they used a tinned tomato can for a carburettor! Nowadays, there’s a myriad of motorbikes available with endless modifications for all kinds of activities.

The three major types of motorcycle are essentially vehicles which can be used on-road, off-road, or with dual purpose. Each of these types has a racing or sport sub-category, usually used in competition or for more dedicated recreational purposes.

Who goes motorcycling on holiday?

Motorcyclists eager to explore outside their comfort zone will love the freedom a motorcycling holiday can bring. You can discover roads less travelled and tour anywhere in the world, from the Australian outback to the infamous Route 66 - beautiful sights await you wherever you go.

Your suitability for a motorbike-riding holiday can depend on a number of factors. Although modern manufacturing means your bike can last for hours on the road, it is imperative that the rider can too. You need to be alert and suitably prepared for the challenges that may present themselves along the way, and confident that you can perform any minor repairs on your vehicle if needs be.

It also goes without saying that travellers will need to be of suitable riding age, hold the appropriate licences, and wear all the correct protective gear.

Where do people go on motorcycling holidays?

Riders say that using their bike on the wide open road makes them feel closer and more connected to the world around you. For this reason, it can be difficult to decide which part of the world you wish to connect with first.

Australia hosts a huge variety of sights and terrain, meaning you can travel along coasts, through cities, and across the outback all while experiencing views found nowhere else. Melbourne in Victoria boasts arguably the most impressive coastal ride in the world, the Great Ocean Road, but along the way you’ll see waterfalls and mountains comparable with no other. You’re also likely to run into like-minded individuals on a similar journey, meaning that this fascinating ride comes complete with fascinating people as well as spectacular natural beauty.

Closer to home we have the Granada province, located in Andalusia, Spain. Covering an area of almost 5000 square miles, the mild temperature and varied terrain mean you’re in for a treat as you traverse across rolling hills and twisting valleys, soaking in the charm of the region. Venture East to visit the Sierra Nevada, or West to explore Seville, all accessible from your two-wheeled pride and joy. Who could pass up seeing such magnificent sights?

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