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Aerobics Travel Insurance

Aerobics as both a term and activity was developed by Dr. Kenneth Cooper in the 1960s, who worked with the United States Air Force. He could not understand why those with good muscular strength struggled with activities such as running or swimming, and after much research released a book aptly titled Aerobics. Dance, step, gymnastic, and aqua-aerobics have all stemmed from the basic principle of increasing your heart rate at a rhythmic pace, with the ultimate goal of fighting illness and heart-related conditions.

Perhaps one of the most well-known forms of aerobic exercise is Jane Fonda’s Workout, which sold a whopping 17 million videos and was the top-selling VHS in the USA for 6 years! The tape was released in the 80s with the intention of helping women across the country stay trim and flexible, increase muscle strength, and improve mood - to this day, aerobic exercise is still used for these purposes amongst many other benefits.

Who does aerobics on holiday?

Regardless of age, weight, or ability, aerobic activity is suitable for anyone. If you breathe harder and your heart beats faster, you’re doing aerobic exercise, which means the task can be as easy or as difficult as you wish. With so many options out there, you’ll be able to find some form of aerobics for you - be that as simple as walking or as taxing as gymnastics.

As with any form of fitness, you should listen to your body. If you struggle with lung conditions or have a fever, you may need to take it easy or not participate at all. Similarly, any muscular issues might mean you can’t take part in certain exercises. If you’re worried about anything, always check with your doctor to make sure you’re good to go ahead.

Where do people go on aerobic holidays?

Aerobic, or fitness, holidays can mean anything from simply visiting a resort with plenty of optional activity opportunities, to a jam-packed bootcamp-style getaway complete with 5 hours of scheduled workouts.

Spain offers several different options with regards to aerobic-style holidays. You can get a week’s stay at a resort in the Canary Islands offering a range of exercises on a daily schedule, meaning you’ve got the opportunity to try something different every day. You can do as few or as many classes as you wish, taking time in between to soak in the heat and admire the sights. Don’t forget to find balance and stop off at the hotel bar, or venture into the town centre for a well-deserved meal and glass of vino!

For something a little more luxurious, many Caribbean islands from the Bahamas to Barbados provide the perfect setting to work on both your fitness and wellness. You can tone your muscles practicing yoga on perfect white sands in the AM, stop for lunch and relax in-resort then take to the mountains in the PM for a short walk or jog. While not exercising, don’t forget you’ll be surrounded by stunning landscapes in saturated colour, giving you the chance to bask in the charm of the island.

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