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Stroke Travel Insurance

If you have suffered a stroke, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a holiday. Stroke is a brain attack which occurs when the blood supply is cut off to parts of the brain. It is a very serious condition and when you have experienced a stroke but want to enjoy a relaxing break, you need to make sure you are completely covered with a comprehensive travel insurance policy from Direct Travel.

According to the NHS, strokes are a common health problem and affect more than 150,000 people in the UK each year. There are 2 causes of stroke, ischaemic, which accounts for 85% of all strokes, where a blood clot stops the supply of blood and haemorrhagic, when a weakened blood vessel bursts. TIA’s or transient ischaemic attacks (TIA) are a related condition where there’s a temporary interruption in the blood supply to the brain. These are also known as mini-strokes.

Tips and advice for travelling with Stroke

  • Always check with your Doctor first before booking your break. Check with them that you are well enough to take a holiday and whether they have any advice for you
  • Be aware that there are general guidelines about flying after your stroke. It is advised you wait 10 days after a TIA and 21 days after a stroke before you get on a plane
  • If you can book seats with extra legroom
  • Avoid long queues at the airport by checking in early
  • Carry any medication you need in your hand luggage and remember to pack extra in case of long delays
  • If you are going somewhere new, consider using public transport or a bus tour to see the sights. Although a little exercise is beneficial you can return to the transport if you get tired
  • If you are travelling to Europe, then it is essential that you carry an EHIC – European Health Insurance Card. You can apply for a free card by following the link Get an Ehic

Booking your Stroke Travel Insurance

By booking your travel insurance with Direct Travel we may be able offer cover to customers who have experienced a stroke as a pre-existing condition, provided it is declared at the medical screening stage of the booking process. Please have to hand information about your condition, any medication you are currently taking and any treatment you have received. Unfortunately, it is harder to arrange travel insurance if you are awaiting a diagnosis or treatment. You should also talk to your Doctor / Consultant before confirming travel plans.

To provide peace of mind for patients, a policy which covers family members, and/or a carer may be suitable depending on your circumstances to ensure that everyone is covered appropriately. If, due to complications relating to your stroke you are unable to travel you may be able to make a claim for cancellation. Our policies also provide a 24-hour medical assistance line, expenses relating to ambulance and hospital costs and repatriation to the UK amongst others.