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Travelling with Epilepsy

If you have received a diagnosis of epilepsy you will be one of 600,000 people in the UK who are living with the neurological condition. On a daily basis a further 87 people are being diagnosed, that’s according to Epilepsy Action.

As a holiday insurance company Direct-Travel may insure people with existing medical conditions such as epilepsy, depending on the severity. However, you must declare it to us before you travel otherwise you may not be insured if you need medical help abroad.

We know that for some it can have a devastating impact on their everyday lives but for others, medication can control their condition very effectively. However, it is a serious condition and an epilepsy seizure can be life threatening. Epilepsy Action says that 1,000 people die from the condition annually.

Before you travel with Epilepsy

  • Ensure you take enough medication to last you for the duration of the trip and beyond if you are delayed for any reason
  • Check what paperwork you need for travelling with your medication. Keep it with you in its original packaging along with a copy of your prescription. Some drugs are controlled by the Misuse of Drugs laws if you are taking them in and out of the UK. The Home Office advises that you should carry a letter from your GP if you are travelling with a controlled medicine.
  • Check with the airline that you will be able to fly. Some say that if you have experienced a ‘tonic-clonic’ seizure, also known as a convulsion, less than 24 hours before you fly you will need medical clearance to travel
  • Work out how any time differences between home and your destination country will affect when you take your medication and seek your doctor or pharmacist advice before you go
  • Consider wearing medical identity jewellery or carrying an epilepsy ID card so that should you have a seizure those around you will know your condition
  • Carry your medicine in your hand luggage
  • Try to get as much sleep as you can as a lack of sleep can increase some people’s risk of having a seizure
  • If you have a lot of seizures it may be worth letting the cabin staff know so they can assist you better

Talk to our friendly representatives to obtain your holiday insurance to ensure you are covered for this trip. We want to ensure that you travel with peace of mind.