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Osteoporosis Travel Insurance

With over 3 million people affected by osteoporosis in the UK and more than 500,000 people receiving hospital treatment its vital that you are fully covered for any holidays you are planning to take. Taking out travel insurance will ensure you have peace of mind should any complications arise before or during your trip.

Our travel insurance offers a wide range of benefits including a 24-hour emergency telephone line in case you need medical help whilst you are on holiday. If you have travelled abroad then the operators will be able to liaise with hospital and medical staff and keep you and your family up to date with information as they are fluent in several different languages, cancellation cover, baggage cover, curtailment and expenses such as ambulance and hospital admission costs and repatriation to the UK amongst others. You must declare all your pre-existing conditions otherwise you will be at risk of invalidating your insurance, especially if your claim relates to a pre-existing medical condition, such as osteoporosis.

Our easy to use screening process can give you a quote within minutes. Whether you choose to purchase via our friendly UK based call centre or online, we can soon have you selecting a policy from a selection put together for your specific needs. We will need to ask you and the people you are travelling with a few discreet questions concerning your conditions, so please have to hand details about your diagnosis, any medication you have taken and are currently taking and any treatment you have received. Unfortunately, it is harder to arrange travel insurance if you are awaiting a diagnosis or treatment. You should also talk to your Doctor / Consultant before confirming travel plans. To provide peace of mind for patients, a policy which covers family members, and/or a carer may be suitable depending on your circumstances to ensure that everyone is covered appropriately.

Tips and advice for travelling with Osteoporosis

  • Talk to your Doctor to have a full understanding of your physical abilities and limitations
  • Be aware of your surroundings to avoid falls
  • Wear comfortable shoes that are easy to walk around in
  • Make sure there are no objects in your room or villa that you can easily walk into or trip over and be conscious of unexpected steps in and out of rooms
  • If you are going somewhere sunny, remember to take your sunglasses so glare is reduced, and your vision is less impaired
  • If you are travelling to Europe, then it is essential that you carry an EHIC – European Health Insurance Card. You can apply for a free card by following the link