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Depression Travel Insurance

Depression can be experienced in several forms but here at Direct Travel, it is classed as a pre-existing medical condition so, we may be able to offer customers a quote for travel insurance with our easy medical screening process.

Depression is explained as ‘more than simply feeling unhappy or sad for a few days’. It can affect people in many ways and the symptoms are wide ranging. With depression at its mildest form you can experience a continual feeling of low spirits whilst at the other end of the spectrum depression can lead to suicidal thoughts.

Unfortunately, depression is quite common and affects 1 in 10 of us at some point in our lives. It is wide-reaching, affecting men, women, the old and the young.

Tips and advice for travelling with depression

  • Carry extra medication with you in case there are travel delays or any other emergencies. Pack your medication in separate bags, so if one is lost or stolen then you haven’t lost all your medication at once
  • Keeping in touch with your Doctor or support at home via phone or email may help you get through any depressive episodes you may experience while on your holiday
  • Consider time differences if you take medication at a set time each day
  • Be prepared for jet lag. Make sure you allow time for rest after your flight, so you can keep your sleep patterns as regular as possible
  • If eating healthily helps you manage your depression, then try to maintain this while you are on holiday
  • Think about factoring in exercise whilst on your holiday as this can also help with your condition
  • If you are travelling to Europe, then it is essential that you carry an EHIC – European Health Insurance Card. You can apply for a free card by following the link

Booking your depression travel insurance

By booking your travel insurance with Direct Travel we may be able to offer cover to customers with depression as a pre-existing condition, provided it is declared at the medical screening stage of the booking process. Please have to hand information about your condition, any medication you are currently taking and any treatment you have received. Unfortunately, it is harder to arrange travel insurance if you are awaiting a diagnosis or treatment, depending on which type of depression you have. You should also talk to your Doctor / Consultant before confirming travel plans.

To provide peace of mind for patients, a policy which covers family members, and/or a carer may be suitable depending on your circumstances to ensure that everyone is covered appropriately. If, due to complications relating to your depression you are unable to travel you may be able to make a claim for cancellation. Our policies also provide a 24-hour medical assistance line, expenses relating to ambulance and hospital costs and repatriation to the UK amongst others.