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HIV Travel Insurance

Purchasing travel insurance is an essential part of taking a holiday. Medical bills can soon add up if you fall ill abroad or as a worst-case scenario you must cancel beforehand. As HIV is a condition that requires ongoing prescribed medication along with follow up appointments it is deemed a pre-existing medical condition by insurers. Not declaring your HIV may invalidate your insurance even if you have an accident or medical emergency unrelated to your HIV.

Where you are in your treatment process can affect your premium. If you have been recently diagnosed and not started your anti-viral treatment you can state whether treatment is planned. If you have chosen not to undergo anti-viral treatment when you have been advised to, insurers will decline to provide cover. You will also need to tell us your CD4 count, so make sure you know this or have your Doctor confirm this before applying. The good news is, if your HIV is well managed and stable, you have taken medication for more than 3 months, being HIV+ is not generally viewed as high risk and premiums may not be affected.

Tips and advice for travelling with HIV

  • Always take your medication on time, so be aware of time differences. Consult your Doctor or Specialist for advice
  • Make sure that your destination is safe for people with HIV/AIDS, especially if it’s a developing country
  • Only drink sealed, bottled water
  • Take extra medication with you, in case of journey delays or lost/stolen luggage
  • Be careful if you pick up a bug or virus whilst on holiday as it could mean medications are not being absorbed into the body as they should be. It's possible your Doctor may be able to prescribe you an antibiotic to help
  • Try to take regular exercise such as walking, jogging or cycling
  • Treat yourself to a massage. Studies have shown that this can improve your immune system’s function
  • If you are travelling to Europe, then it is essential that you carry an EHIC – European Health Insurance Card. Please see our dedicated page for more details - What is the Ehic

Booking your HIV travel insurance

To provide peace of mind for patients, a policy which covers family members, and/or a carer may be suitable depending on your circumstances to ensure that everyone is covered appropriately.

By booking your travel insurance with Direct Travel we may be able offer cover to customers who have HIV as a pre-existing condition, provided it is declared at the medical screening stage of the booking process. We will need to ask a few questions about your condition and your current health status. To make the process quick and easy, please have to hand information about your condition, any medication you are currently taking and any treatment you have received. Unfortunately, it is harder to arrange travel insurance if you are awaiting a diagnosis or treatment. You should also talk to your Doctor / Consultant before confirming travel plans. If, due to complications relating to your HIV you are unable to travel you may be able to make a claim for cancellation. Our policies also provide a 24-hour medical assistance line, expenses relating to ambulance and hospital costs and repatriation to the UK amongst others.