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Travelling with ADHD

If you are an adult who has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder then you will be among an estimated 1.5 million adults with the condition, according to ADHD Action. It says that 2.5% of adults and 5% of children in the UK have the hereditary condition.

Living with ADHD means an adult will often have difficulty planning things or estimating the time it takes to do tasks such as pack their bags to go off on holiday, organise the correct currency and get to the airport in plenty of time. We are told that one thing adults with ADHD never have enough off is time!

Planning your trip

So, we’ve put together a handy action list so that you can keep your holiday plans on track and not experience any of those dreadful moments when you realise you have forgotten something crucial. So here goes:

  • Start planning a couple of months in advance. Research where you are going so you know what to expect and how easy it will be to see everything on your wishlist. Then email it to yourself so you can access it on your smartphone.
  • Check with your GP that the medication you will be bringing with you is not on a banned substance list in the destination country.
  • And since you are going abroad make sure a few months before that your passport has not expired! That’s a stress you can really do without. Additionally, check out whether or not you need a visa.
  • Book your travel insurance and ensure you are covered if you want to engage in any high-risk sporting activities or ride a moped/quad bike. If you don’t have the right cover, should anything go wrong it could cost you many thousands of pounds for treatment whilst abroad and to get you home. So talk to us here at Direct-Travel Insurance.
  • If you have electronic copies of your travel documents email them to yourself so you can access them on the move and put copies in your suitcase, too.
  • Give yourself extra time to get to the airport and ensure you have plenty to do as boredom is not a great travelling companion to someone with ADHD.

Lastly, go off and enjoy yourself.