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Will you cover me if I suffer from Vertigo?

The simple answer is Yes! Direct Travel is proud to provide cover for an extensive range of pre-existing medical conditions.

Vertigo is a lot worse than dizziness. It can last from a few seconds to several hours to days and even months. Fortunately, it can get better on its own and it may not always be necessary to see a GP unless it affects your daily life. We always advise customers to contact their GP or specialist to discuss their travel plans and check that they are suitable considering their current medical situation.

When you contact us to get your travel insurance quote and declare all your pre-existing medical conditions, we will need to ask you some questions about your condition, including what the cause of your vertigo is, so please have information relating to your condition ready. Our screening process is very easy to follow, just search for your medical condition(s), answer the few simple questions attached to the condition and then you’re ready to receive your very competitive quote for a tailor-made travel insurance policy. Being an online travel insurance comparison site, you can select a Direct Travel policy or choose from the many other brands that are available on our website, such as Fit2Travel, allsafe, direct2insure, go insure and holiday insurance.

Setting your mind at rest, Direct Travel and partners offer a full package of benefits. From cancellation cover, should the worst happen, and you can’t go on your dream break, to baggage, medical expenses, missed departure and connection, personal money, personal accident and uninhabitable accommodation amongst many others. Please discuss with our friendly call centre agents to see which benefits are available to you as some of our available policies may not offer all the benefits listed.

To provide peace of mind for patients, a policy which covers family members, and/or a carer may be suitable depending on your circumstances to ensure that everyone is covered appropriately.

There are a few tips you can follow to try and reduce your symptoms of Vertigo whilst you are travelling to your destination.

  • Hydration is key. Drink plenty of fluids especially water and juice. Avoid alcoholic drinks
  • Try not to look at moving objects and keep your eyes on the horizon
  • Before your journey try to eat easily digestible food
  • Travel with another person, spouse, partner, sibling or friend for example, who can help you should you suffer an attack
  • Try relaxation techniques

Finally, if you are travelling to Europe, then it is essential that you carry an EHIC – European Health Insurance Card. Please see our dedicated page for more details -

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