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Travelling with a Cancer Diagnosis

Going for a break abroad may be just what you need following your cancer diagnosis and it IS possible. You CAN get travel insurance.

Stats show that one in three of us in our lifetime will receive a cancer diagnosis, so it is a comfort that it doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast.

Our best advice is to be as up front and honest because if your condition gets suddenly worse while you are abroad you don’t want the worry of whether your medical costs are going to be fully covered.

Before you pick up the phone or contact us online for cancer-diagnosis travel insurance, it’s worth finding out some certain facts, such as what grade of cancer you have. See below for some further information.

Tips before travelling with a cancer diagnosis

  • Get a letter from your doctor saying that you are fit to travel but please talk to us if you want further advice about your particular circumstances
  • Even if you have had cancer in the past you will still need to tell us
  • If you are travelling to Europe make sure you obtain a European Health Insurance Certificate (EHIC), but be warned, if you get seriously ill it won’t cover you for repatriation back to the UK
  • Make sure you are travelling with all the medications you are going to need
  • Write a list of those medications
  • Discuss with your doctor that none of them are on the banned substance list for your country of destination
  • Talk about your plans for your trip with your doctor to ensure they are appropriate for your condition
  • Pace yourself whilst you are away. Your diagnosis may mean you are more tired than usual
  • Pack extra medication for unforeseen delays
  • Use a high sun-protection factor cream especially if you have had radiotherapy

We can offer you peace of mind and policies that will cover all the family/travelling companions. If you are not able to travel due to unforeseen complications you may be able to make a cancellation claim.

When you buy our policy, it includes a 24-hour medical assistance line, repatriation home to the UK and expenses incurred involving ambulance and hospital costs. See our advice if you are travelling with other cancers such as breast cancer.