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Travel Insurance Galápagos Islands

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Galápagos Islands Country Guide

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Quick Facts

Official Name: Galápagos Islands
Capital: Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
Official Languages: Spanish
Spoken Languages: Spanish
Population: 26,640 (2012 est.)
Currency: United States dollar (USD)
Time Zone: GALT (UTC-6)

The Galápagos Islands are a group of islands located in the Pacific Ocean. All of the islands are volcanic. The Galápagos Islands are situated west of Ecuador, the islands are owned by Ecuador. The closest country to the Galápagos Islands is Ecuador which lies around 563 miles away from the islands.

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The Galápagos Islands are aligned with the Equator. There are 18 main islands and 3 smaller islands altogether that form the Galápagos Islands. There is also around 107 rocks surrounding the islands. The Galápagos Islands have a subtropical climate. There is a warm season and a dry season on the islands. The warm season usually lasts from January to June, the dry season usually lasts from July to December. Temperatures can be as high as 31°C (87.8°F) or as low as 19°C (66.2°F).

Geographic data: 0°40 S 90°33 W

Natural hazards: Volcanoes, floods and tsunamis are all risks associated with the Galápagos Islands

Birth rate: N/A

Death rate: N/A

Life expectancy: N/A

Bikes are the most common transport method on the Galápagos Islands. You can hire bikes whilst on the island. Taxis are also common on the island but it is advised that you should try and avoid these as there is a considerable amount of traffic that builds up on the islands. Take care when travelling as some roads and footpaths are not well kept.

Crime is close to nonexistent on the Galápagos Islands. Petty crime may occur but it is uncommon, the locals are reportedly kind and helpful towards tourists. Most trips to the Galápagos Islands are trouble-free. General care is advised.

You are allowed to visit the Galápagos Islands for 90 days without a visa if you are a British national. You will need a valid passport, a return ticket and enough funds to support yourself for your entire trip.

Your passport needs to be valid for 6 months after the date of entry into the Galápagos Islands.

Currency: United States dollar (USD)

There are currently no health requirements for visiting the Galápagos Islands.

Currently, FCDO have not advised on the Galápagos Islands. However, this information could change at any time. It is advised that you check the FCDO website before you travel:

Direct Travel Insurance cannot offer cover for any areas or countries to which the FCDO advise against travel.

The culture of the Galápagos Islands is similar to Ecuador due to the country owning the islands. Sport is most popular pastime for the islands. Football is the most played and preferred sport on the islands, many players from the Galápagos Islands play for the Ecuador national team. Most locals are friendly and will help tourists with whatever they require. The Islands are popular with tourists due to its extensive wildlife and beautiful beaches.