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Ascension Islands

Ascension Island Country Guide

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Quick Facts

Official Name: Ascension Island
Capital: Georgetown
Official Languages: English
Spoken Languages: English
Population: 880 (2010 est.)
Currency: Saint Helena pound (SHP)
Time Zone: GMT (UTC?)

Ascension Island is a volcanic island located in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is governed by the UK and was named after the day it was discovered, Ascension Day. Ascension Island is a part of the British overseas territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. Numerous military bases reside on the island such as RAF and USAF.

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Due to the island's volcanic nature, most of the terrain of the island is wasteland of lava flows. The island is 1,000m from Africa and 1,400m from Brazil, lying in the middle of the two. Ascension Island has a tropical desert climate. Rain can occur all through the year but tend to fall heavily in the summer months. Temperatures can be as high as 31°C (88°F) or as low as 22°C (72°F)

Geographic data: 7°56 S 14°25 W

Natural hazards: Volcanoes are the only main risk to Ascension Island.

Birth rate: 10 births/1000 people (2014 est.)

Death rate: 7 deaths/1000 people (2014 est.)

Life expectancy: 79.21 (2014 est.)

There is no public transport available on Ascension Island. Hire cars are available, you will need to have a valid driving license before you are allowed to drive. You may have to have other documents but this depends on the hire car company. Hotels can usually arrange transport to and from the airport.

Crime is low on Ascension Island. Petty crime may occur but this is uncommon. General care advised, keep an eye on your possessions and try to avoid travelling at night alone.

You require permission from the administrator before you are allowed to travel to Ascension Island, this can be obtained from the Ascension Island government website. You must have adequate travel insurance and evidence of accommodation, return flight and enough cash to cover your stay before they will issue the permission.

You will require a valid passport to enter, your passport needs to be valid for 6 months after the date of entry into Ascension Island.

Currency: Saint Helena pound (SHP)

Cards are not widely accepted, hotels and banks will be able to accept them but not many other places will. Sterling bank notes are accepted as well as the official Saint Helena pound.

Visit your health professional prior to travelling. There is a small hospital on the island that can deal with most medical treatment but if you require emergency care then you will have to be evacuated from the island. Medical care can be expensive and you will be forced to pay up front, it is strongly advised that you get travel/medical insurance to cover the expenses. If you do require medical assistance, dial 6000 and ask for an ambulance.

Currently, the FCDO have not advised to avoid travelling to Ascension Island, but you should be aware that you will require permission to travel as you will be travelling with the RAF to the island. There is a low threat from terrorism.

However, this information could change at any time. It is advised that you check the FCDO website before you travel:

Direct Travel Insurance cannot offer cover for any areas or countries to which the FCDO advise against travel.

Art and sports are the main aspects of Ascension Island. Ascension Island has its own unique style of artwork and literature, there has been influences from Britain and surrounding islands such as St Helena. The island has a national football team and has competed in the Olympics. There is only one school on the island which provides education from 3½ to 16 years of age.