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American Samoa

American Samoa Country Guide

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Quick Facts

Official Name: Official Name: Territory of American Samoa
Capital: Pago Pago
Official Languages: English and Samoan
Spoken Languages: English and Samoan
Population: 54,343 (2015 est.)
Currency: United States Dollar (USD)
Time Zone: Samoa Standard Time (UTC-11)

American Samoa is an island situated in the South Pacific Ocean. It is owned by the United States of America. Five main islands and two coral atolls come together to form the American Samoa. The largest island out of the five is Tutuila which holds the capital of American Samoa, Pago Pago. Although Pago Pago is the capital, the largest village is Tafuna which is also located on Tutuila.

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American Samoa is southeast of Samoa, north of Tonga and west of the Cook Islands. American Samoa is slightly larger than Washington DC in overall land area. All five of the islands are volcanic and have a rocky terrain. American Samoa has a tropical climate. The wet season is usually during the winter and the dry season is mostly throughout the summer. Temperatures can be as high as 31°C (88°F) or as low as 23°C (73°F).

Geographic data: 14.3° S 170.7° W

Natural hazards: Tropical Cyclones are a risk within American Samoa.

Birth rate: 23 births/1000 people (2014 est.)

Death rate: 5 deaths/1000 people (2014 est.)

Life expectancy: 74.91 years (2014 est.)

You can drive in American Samoa if you are at least 18 years of age and hold a valid UK driving license for 30 days. You must drive on the left. If you wish to hire a car, you will have to be at least 25 years old and hold a valid driving license for at least a year.

Crime levels are low, though general care is required. Do not leave valuables alone and keep an eye on all of your possessions to avoid any trouble.

If you hold a British passport, you will not require a visa to visit American Samoa. Different nationalities may require a visa. If you do not require a visa, you are only allowed to stay for 30 days.

Your passport will need to be valid for 6 months after the date of arrival in American Samoa.

Currency: United States Dollar (USD)

Visit your health professional before travelling. There has been cases of the Zika Virus within American Samoa, discuss with your health professional about the virus prior to travelling. The medical facilities are limited on American Samoa, you may have to be evacuated to Hawaii if you require emergency care. It is strongly advised that you have good medical/travel insurance prior to travelling, costs of medical care can be considerably high. If you do require medical assistance, dial 911 and ask for an ambulance.

Currently, FCDO do not advise against travel to American Samoa. There is a low threat from terrorism. This information could change at any time. It is advised that you check the FCDO website before you travel:

Direct Travel Insurance cannot offer cover for any areas or countries to which the FCDO advise against travel.

American Samoa has been highly influenced by the United States and the surrounding countries. Sport plays a huge role in the culture, many sports are played and enjoyed by locals and tourists visiting the territory. Cricket, baseball and American football are all popular sports within American Samoa. Football is also enjoyed but is a fairly new sport to the territory having only recently started a national football team that has competed in the FIFA World Cup.