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France Country Guide

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Quick Facts

Region: Europe
Full Name: French Republic
Capital City: Paris
Language Spoken: French 100%,rapidly declining regional dialects and languages (Provencal,Breton,Alsatian,Corsican,Catalan,Basque,Flemish) overseas departments: French,Creole patois

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Geographic data

46 00 N, 2 00 E French Guiana: 4 00 N, 53 00 W Guadeloupe: 16 15 N, 61 35 W Martinique: 14 40 N, 61 00 W Reunion: 21 06 S, 55 36 E

Elevation Extremes

lowest point: Rhone River delta -2 m highest point: Mont Blanc 4,807 m

Land boundaries

metropolitan France - total: 2,889 km border countries: Andorra 56.6 km, Belgium 620 km, Germany 451 km, Italy 488 km, Luxembourg 73 km, Monaco 4.4 km, Spain 623 km, Switzerland 573 km Guadeloupe - total: 10.2 km border countries: Netherlands Antilles (Sint Maarten) 10.2 km French Guiana - total: 1,183 km border countries: Brazil 673 km, Suriname 510 km

Natural hazards

metropolitan France: flooding; avalanches; midwinter windstorms; drought; forest fires in south near the Mediterranean overseas departments: hurricanes (cyclones), flooding, volcanic activity (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion)

Natural resources

coal, iron ore, bauxite, zinc, uranium, antimony, arsenic, potash, feldspar, fluorospar, gypsum, timber, fish French Guiana: gold deposits, petroleum, kaolin, niobium, tantalum, clay

Land use

arable land: 33.46% permanent crops: 2.03% other: 64.51% note: French Guiana - arable land 0.13%, permanent crops 0.04%, other 99.83% (90% forest, 10% other); Guadeloupe - arable land 11.70%, permanent crops 2.92%, other 85.38%; Martinique - arable land 9.09%, permanent crops 10.0%, other 80.91%; Reunion - arable land 13.94%, permanent crops 1.59%, other 84.47% (2005)

Environmental current issues

some forest damage from acid rain; air pollution from industrial and vehicle emissions; water pollution from urban wastes, agricultural runoff


A temperate climate in the north; northeastern areas have a more continental climate with warm summers and colder winters. Rainfall is distributed throughout the year with some snow likely in winter. The Jura Mountains have an alpine climate. Lorraine, sheltered by bordering hills, has a relatively mild climate. Mediterranean climate in the south; mountains are cooler with heavy snow in winter. The Atlantic influences the climate of the western coastal areas from the Loire to the Basque region where the weather is temperate and relatively mild with rainfall throughout the year. Summers can be very hot and sunny. Inland areas are mild and the French slopes of the Pyrénées are renowned for their sunshine record. A Mediterranean climate exists on the Riviera, and in Provence and Roussillon. Weather in the French Alps is variable. Continental weather is present in Auvergne, Burgundy and the Rhône Valley. Very strong winds (such as the Mistral) can occur throughout the entire region. Required clothing European, according to season.

Time difference

time difference: UTC+1 daylight saving time: +1hr, begins last Sunday in March; ends last Sunday in October

Country Facts Health Alert Risk Media Intro Geography People Travel Embassies & Visas Finance Cities/Regions


total: 62,752,136 note: 60,876,136 in metropolitan France (July 2006 est.)

Age structure

0-14 years: 18.3% (male 5,704,152/female 5,427,213) 15-64 years: 65.3% (male 19,886,228/female 19,860,506) 65 years and over: 16.4% (male 4,103,883/female 5,894,154) (2006 est.)

Median age

total: 39.1 years male: 37.6 years female: 40.7 years (2006 est.)

Population growth rate

0.35% (2006 est.)

Birth rate

11.99 births/1,000 population (2006 est.)

Death rate

9.14 deaths/1,000 population (2006 est.)

Net migration rate

0.66 migrant(s)/1,000 population (2006 est.)

Sex ratio

at birth: 1.05 male(s)/female under 15 years: 1.05 male(s)/female 15-64 years: 1 male(s)/female 65 years and over: 0.7 male(s)/female total population: 0.95 male(s)/female (2006 est.)

Life expectancy at birth

total population: 79.73 years male: 76.1 years female: 83.54 years (2006 est.)

Total fertility rate

1.84 children born/woman (2006 est.)

Business Practices

French business behavior emphasizes courtesy, and a certain formality. Appointment schedules and hierarchical titles are to be respected and correspondence, whether by mail or by fax, should be acknowledged promptly. Shaking hands upon greeting and parting is customary. An aggressive handshake is considered impolite. The French handshake is a light grip and a single, quick shake. Professional attire is expected. Generally, the French take great care to dress fashionably, whether they are wearing formal or casual attire, and they feel more at ease with visitors who show the same degree of attention to appearance. Today, many French executives put less emphasis on long, heavy business lunches for reasons of health and time. Nevertheless, informal business discussions in restaurants where everyone appreciates a good meal are one of the best ways to promote good working relations. Etiquette is important. Both hands remain above the table at all times. A man may rest his wrists, and a woman her forearms, on the table edge. If you do not want your wineglass refilled, leave a little in the bottom. The working days abutting the French holidays and vacation periods are not "prime time" for business meetings; this could include the month of August and the several vacation periods between Christmas and Easter. Business hours in France are generally 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (banking hours 9:00-4:30) Monday through Friday while stores are generally open 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday through Saturday. To ensure availability, advance appointments are recommended. While French is the official language in France, many business people speak English. Product literature, correspondence and negotiations in the French language provide a distinct advantage over competitors who use only English. It should be noted that other EU suppliers are accustomed to dealing in the French language. The American "OK" sign (rounded index finger touching tip of the thumb) means "zero" to the French. The French gesture for "OK" is the "thumbs up" sign. Slapping the open palm over a closed fist is vulgar and should be avoided. Sitting with legs spread apart is impolite. The French are careful about their personal habits, being discreet when sneezing, blowing the nose, etc. They avoid using personal items, such as combs and toothpicks, in public.


Crime France has a relatively low rate of violent crime. Crimes involving larceny are, however, common. Pickpocketing, theft of unattended baggage and theft from rental cars or vehicles with non-local license plates are daily occurrences. Criminals frequent tourist attractions such as museums, monuments, restaurants, hotels, beaches, trains, train stations, airports and subways. Visitors should be particularly alert to pickpockets in train stations and subways. In general, travelers should carry limited cash and credit cards, leaving extra cash, credit cards, passports and personal documents at home or in a hotel safe. Particular areas of concern include: Paris - Gangs of thieves operate on the rail link from Charles de Gaulle Airport to downtown Paris by preying on jet-lagged, luggage-burdened tourists. Often one thief distracts the tourist with a question about directions while an accomplice takes a momentarily unguarded backpack, briefcase, or purse. Thieves also often time their thefts to coincide with train stops so that they may quickly exit the car. - The Number One Subway line, which runs by many major tourist attractions (The Grand Arch at La Defense, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Concorde, Louvre, Bastille), is the site of many thefts. - Many thefts occur at the major department stores (Galleries Lafeyette, Printemps, Samarataine) where tourists often leave wallets, passports, and credit cards on cashier counters during transactions. - However, crimes involving ATMs (automated teller machines) are increasing. Do not use ATMs in isolated, unlit areas or where loiterers are present. Be especially aware of persons standing close enough to see the PIN (Personal Identification Number) being entered into the machine. Thieves often conduct successful scams by simply observing the PIN as it is entered and then stealing the card from the user in some other location. If the card becomes stuck, immediately report it to the bank where the machine is located. Large criminal operations in Paris involve the use of ATM machines that "eat" the user's ATM card. This most often happens during a weekend or at night when the bank is closed. The frustrated traveler often walks away after unsuccessfully trying to retrieve the card, with plans to return the first day the bank is open. In such cases, a criminal gang has modified the machine using an add-on device equipped with a microchip that records the user's PIN number when it is typed in and also prevents the card from being ejected. The criminal retrieves the card from the device once the visitor departs, downloads the recorded PIN number and then goes to other ATMs and withdraws as much cash as possible. Carry a 24-hour emergency number for any ATM card and bank account, for the immediate prevention of withdrawals from the account if difficulties occur. Southern France -Thefts from cars stopped at red lights are commonly reported, particularly in the Nice-Antibes-Cannes area, and in Montpelier and Marseille. The thief is usually a passenger on a motorcycle. Similar incidents have also occurred at tollbooths. Drivers should conceal from view purse, luggage, bags, and other items that may attract thieves. Car doors should be locked at all times during travel and windows closed or left only slightly ajar. - Thieves often target vehicles with foreign or CD (Diplomatic Corps) license plates, or rental cars, which are easily identified as such by a license plate number ending in "51." Rental car companies are in the process of phasing out these license plates but this may take some time. - Purse snatching by motorcycle riders is also common in the area. Over the shoulder bags should be avoided when out walking.


Accommodations are readily available in France. Major and international chains have properties in major cities.


Full telephone IDD is available. The country code 33 and the outgoing international code is 19. Card-only telephones are now common, the pre-paid cards being purchased from post offices or Tabacs. International calls are cheaper between 2230-0800 Monday to Friday, and from 1400 Saturday to 0800 Monday. Calls can be received from all phone boxes showing the sign of a blue bell. Fax services are widely available; many hotels have facilities. Post Offices are opened between 0800-1900 Monday to Friday; 0800-1200 Saturday.


220 volts AC, 50Hz. Two-pin plugs are widely used; adaptors recommended.

Plug Types


Food And Dining

With the exception of China, France has a more varied and developed cuisine than any other country. The simple, delicious cooking for which France is famous is found in the old-fashioned bistro and restaurant. There are two distinct styles of eating in France. One is, of course, 'gastronomy' (haute cuisine), widely known and honored as a cult with rituals, rules and taboos. It is rarely practiced in daily life, partly because of the cost and the time which must be devoted to it. The other is family-style cooking, often just as delicious as its celebrated counterpart. Things to know: Almost all restaurants offer two types of meal: ? la carte (extensive choice for each course and more expensive) and le menu (a set meal at a fixed price with dishes selected from the full ? la carte menu). At simple restaurants, the same cutlery will be used for all courses. The bill (l'addition) will not be presented until it is asked for, even if clients sit and talk for half an hour after they have finished eating. Many restaurants close for a month during the summer, and one day a week throughout the rest of the year. It is always wise to check that a restaurant is open, particularly on Sunday. Generally speaking, mealtimes in France are strictly observed. Lunch is served from 1200 to 1330, dinner usually from 2000-2130, but the larger the city, the later the dining hour.

National specialties:
? Ratatouille ni?oise (stew of courgettes, tomatoes and aubergines, braised with garlic in olive oil).
? In the north of France (Nord/Pas de Calais and Picardy), fish and shellfish are the star features in menus ? oysters, moules (mussels), coques (cockles) and crevettes (shrimps) are extremely popular.
? In Picardy, duck p?t?s and ficelle picarde (ham and mushroom pancake) are popular.
? Alsace and Lorraine are the lands of choucroute (sauerkraut) and kugelhof (a special cake), quiche lorraine and tarte flamb?e (onion tart).
? Spicy and distinctive sauces are the hallmark of Breton food, and shellfish is a specialty of the region, particularly homard ? l'armoricaine (lobster with cream sauce). Brittany is also famous for producing some of the finest butter in the world.
? Lyon, the main city of the Rh?ne Valley, is the heartland of French cuisine, though the food is often more rich than elaborate. A specialty of this area is quenelles de brochet (pounded pike formed into sausage shapes and usually served with a rich crayfish sauce).
? Aquitaine cuisine (in the south-west of France) is based on goosefat. A reference to 'P?rigord' will indicate a dish containing truffles.
? In the Pyr?n?es, especially around Toulouse, visitors will find salmon and cassoulet, a hearty dish with beans and preserved meat.
? Some of the better known cheeses are camembert, brie, roquefort, reblochon and blue cheeses from Auvergne and Bresse.
? Desserts include: souffl? grand-marnier; oeufs ? la neige (meringues floating on custard); mille feuilles (layers of flaky pastry and custard cream); Paris-Brest (a large puff-pastry with hazelnut cream); ganache (chocolate cream biscuit); and fruit tarts and flans. National drinks:
? Wine is by far the most popular alcoholic drink in France, and the choice will vary according to region. Cheap wine (vin ordinaire) can either be very palatable or undrinkable, but there is no certain way of establishing which this is likely to be before drinking. Wines are classified into AC (Appellation Contr?l?e), VDQS (Vin D?limit? de Qualit? Sup?rieure), Vin de Pays and Vin de Table. There are several wine-producing regions in the country; some of the more notable are Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire, Rh?ne and Champagne. The popular wine Muscadet comes from the extreme southern point of Britanny. Brittanny is also famous for its cider. The waiter will usually be glad to advise an appropriate choice. In expensive restaurants, this will be handled by a sommelier or wine steward. If in doubt, try the house wine; this will usually be less expensive.
? There is also a huge variety of ap?ritifs available. Typically French ap?ritifs are Pastis, Ricard or Pernod.
? The region of Nord Pas de Calais and Picardy does not produce wine, but brews beer and cider. Alsace is said to brew the best beer in France but fruity white wines, such as Riesling, Straminer and Sylvaner, and fine fruit liqueurs, such as Kirsch and Framboise (raspberry), are also produced in this area.
? Coffee is always served after the meal, and will always be black, in small cups, unless a caf? au lait (or caf? cr?me) is requested.
? Brandies such as Armagnac and Cognac and liqueurs such as Chartreuse and Genepi (an unusual liqueur made from an aromatic plant) are available. Many of these liqueurs, such as eau de vie and Calvados (apple brandy) are very strong and should be treated with respect, particularly after a few glasses of wine. A good rule of thumb is to look around and see what the locals are drinking. Spirit measures are usually doubles unless a baby is specifically asked for. Legal drinking age: The legal age for drinking alcohol in a bar/caf? is 18. Minors are allowed to go into bars if accompanied by an adult but they will not be served alcohol. Hours of opening depend on the proprietor but, generally, bars in major towns and resorts are open throughout the day; some may still be open at 0200. Smaller towns tend to shut earlier. There are also all-night bars and cafes in larger towns.

A 12 to 15 per cent service charge is normally added to the bill in hotels, restaurants and bars, but it is customary to leave small change with the payment; more if the service has been exceptional. Other services such as washroom attendants, beauticians, hairdressers and cinema ushers expect tips. Taxi drivers expect 10 to 15 per cent of the meter fare.

In major cities such as Paris, Lyon or Marseille, there are lively nightclubs that sometimes charge no entry fee, although drinks are likely to be more expensive. Alternatively, the entrance price sometimes includes a consommation of one drink. Nightclubs are everywhere and in even the remotest corners of France. Their style and music vary widely from one place to another. Nightclubs have a fixed closing time of 0500. As an alternative to a nightclub, there are many late-night bars and cafes. In Paris and the regions, theaters offer a wide variety of shows from great classics to light comedy, from one-man shows to cabaret. Tourist offices publish an annual and monthly diary of events available free of charge. Several guides are also available which give information about entertainment and sightseeing in the capital. Guides for events in Paris are sold at newspaper kiosks (Pariscope, L'official des Spectacles and Zurban). They list all cinema programs, museums, exhibitions and all other types of shows. Kiosks on the forecourt of the Montparnasse railway station and at Place de la Madeleine offer same day theater tickets at reduced rates. Travelers can also buy tickets for concerts from FNAC and Virgin sales outlets or from the venue themselves. In the provinces, the French generally spend the night eating and drinking, although in the more popular tourist areas, there will be discos and dances. All weekend festivals in summer in the rural areas are a good form of evening entertainment. There are over 130 public casinos in the country.

Entry departure requirements

Note France is a signatory to the 1995 Schengen Agreement.

Visa immigration information


Passport valid for at least three months beyond length of stay required by all except:
(a) 1. EU/EEA nationals (EU + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and Swiss nationals holding a valid national ID card.
Note: EU and EEA nationals are only required to produce evidence of their EU/EEA nationality and identity in order to be admitted to any EU/EEA Member State. This evidence can take the form of a valid national passport or national identity card. Either is acceptable. Possession of a return ticket, any length of validity on their document, sufficient funds for the length of their proposed visit should not be imposed.
(b) nationals of Andorra, Monaco and San Marino, holding a valid national ID card.


Required by all except the following for a period not exceeding three months:
(a) nationals of countries referred to in the chart and under passport exemptions above;
(b) nationals of Argentina, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong (SAR; blue passport holders only), Iceland, Israel, Korea (Dem Rep), Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Romania, Singapore, Uruguay, Vatican City and Venezuela;
(c) transit passengers continuing their journey by the same or first connecting aircraft, provided holding valid onward or return documentation and not leaving the airport. The following nationals always require an airport transit visa when not leaving the airport, unless they are permanent residents in the UK, or Indian nationals with a visa for the UK: Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Bangladesh, Congo (Rep), Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic and holders of Palestinian refugee travel documents issued by the Egyptian, Lebanese or Syrian authorities.


(a) Pupils traveling on a school trip may also be exempt from visa regulations if their names are entered on a 'List of Travelers' obtainable from the British Council (tel: (0161) 957 7755), for those resident in the UK. (b) Nationals of Bermuda, although visa-exempt when entering France, may still require visas to enter other Schengen countries. (c) Visa-exempt nationals may still be required to produce proofs of financial means of support, hotel bookings or a return ticket to country of residence, either at borders of entry or within the Schengen area.

Types of visa and cost

A uniform Schengen visa, is issued for Short-stay visits (tourist, business and students), Airport Transit, Transit and Long-validity (circulation) visits. A circulation visa allows the holder to freely travel within the Schengen visa area for one to three years. The visa will be given to those who can prove their frequent trips are for family or business purposes. Visa application fees must be paid at the time of application. No visa application fee can be refunded, whatever the result of the application. A Long-Stay visa is available for those who wish to reside (more than 90 days), retire, work or study in France, Andorra, Monaco or a DOM/TOM (French Overseas Territory) .
Schengen visa applications are charged at a fixed rate of US$41 , irrespective of the duration of stay requested (except for long-stay visas: stays over 90 days). The fee remains payable in Pounds Sterling only, approximately US$38 -US$45 ; Long-Stay visas are approximately US$113 -US$120 ; Student fee is US$60 to US$69


(a) Prices change with the prevalent exchange rate, so visitors are advised to check the exact price before traveling. Payment is by cash or by credit/debit card (excluding American Express and Diners), and in Pounds Sterling only. (b) Spouses and children of EU nationals can obtain a visa free of charge on presentation of relevant documentation.


Short-stay visas are valid for a maximum of six months from date of issue for single or multiple entries of maximum 90 days in total. Transit visas are valid for single or double entries of maximum five days per entry, including the day of arrival. Visas cannot be extended; a new application must be made each time. Circulation visas are valid for one to three years from date of issue, for single or multiple entries for a maximum of 90 days over a six month period.

Application to

All persons wishing to apply must make an appointment by telephone or on the Internet before attending and submitting their documents in person at the consulate. An automated telephone appointment booking service is available; see Passport/Visa Information. It is also possible to arrange a meeting by post although this is much slower. Travelers visiting just one Schengen country should apply to the Consulate of that country; travelers visiting more than one Schengen country should apply to the Consulate of the country chosen as the main destination or the country they will enter first (if they have no main destination).

Application requirements

(a) Passport valid for at least three months longer than validity of the visa with blank pages to affix visa stamp. If British, the British Residence Permit must exceed the validity of the requested visa by more than three months. An exception will be made (one month) for those returning permanently to their country on presentation of travel tickets. (b) One completed application form. (c) Two passport-size photos. (d) Evidence of sufficient funds for stay (eg a recent bank statement less than one month old or traveller's cheques; a minimum of ?40 per day spent in France is required). (e) Proof of occupation with letter from employer, accountant, school or university (less than three months old) and last three payslips. If self-employed, submit up-to-date letter from solicitor/accountant/bank manager/local Chamber of Commerce; if student, submit up-to-date letter from educational institution (less than three months old), stating course, type of studies and attendance record; if inactive and married, submit letter from spouse's employer and marriage certificate. (f) Return ticket to country of residence, and visa for next destination if required, or confirmed booking from travel agent. (g) Evidence of hotel reservations, a certificate of board and lodging to be obtained by your French host from the local town hall, means of support or proof of official invitation from host or company. (h) Evidence of medical insurance (including repatriation and covering the duration of the requested visa). (i) Fee; payable by cash or credit/debit card. If applying by post, fee must be paid by credit card or postal order only. (j) For business travelers: a letter of invitation from a French company. (k) For student trips: a letter from school stating dates of trip, address in France and name of persons responsible for student. (l) A self-addressed, pre-paid special delivery envelope for the safe return of documents. (m) Minors: Birth certificate of the child with an official translation in French or English, certified by the consular representation of the country of the applicant; passports of both parents or certified copies; minors who apply for a visa without their parents, or with one parent, must provide a letter from their parents or legal representative authorizing them to reside in France. This authorization must be certified by a lawyer or the consular representation of the country of the applicant. A copy of the parents' passport must be sent with the form.


(a) Postal applications are only acceptable for certain nationals; consult the Consulate (or website: for further information. (b) Each document must be presented with one photocopy. (c) Minors under 18 must present original full birth certificate, stating both parents' names with official translation if not in French or English, plus parents' original passports or certified copies if the parents are residing abroad. If traveling alone or with only one parent, nationals will need to submit a completed and signed application form granting parental authorization, and appointing the person responsible for the minor's welfare. This letter must be duly authenticated by a solicitor or Commissioner of Oaths, or by a Consular Officer of the applicant's nationality. In cases of adoption/fostering, contact the Embassy for further advice. (d) For Long-Stay visas the application requirements depend on the individuals circumstances; Contact the consulate general for information (see Passport/Visa Information).

Working days required

From a few hours to several weeks depending on nationality and if applying by post.

Temporary residence

A Work Permit may have to be obtained in France. For full details, contact the long stay visa section of the Consulate General; see Passport/Visa Information.

HIV entry requirements

No Test Required

Departure tax



Embassy of the French Republic in the UK

58 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7JT, UK
Tel: (020) 7073 1000.

French Consulate General in the UK

French Consulate General in the UK
21 Cromwell Road, London SW7 2EN, UK
Tel: (020) 7073 1200 (consular section) or 508 940 (visa information service; calls cost ?1 per minute) or (09065) 540 700 (automated telephone appointment booking) or (020) 7073 1295 (visa applications in progress; Mon-Thur 1500-1700 only) or (09065) 266 654 (24-hour visa application form request service; calls cost ?1.50 per minute).

Visa section: 6A Cromwell Place, London SW7 2EW, UK
Opening hours: Mon-Wed 0845-1500, Thurs-Fri 0845-1200 (general enquiries); Mon-Fri 0845-1130 (visa applications).

Embassy of the French Republic in the USA

4101 Reservoir Road, NW, Washington, DC 20007, USA
Tel: (202) 944 6195.
Website: or (consular section).

Travel Advice

Most visits to France are trouble-free but you should be aware of the global risk of indiscriminate international terrorist attacks, which could be against civilian targets, including places frequented by foreigners.
This advice is based on information provided by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in the UK. It is correct at time of publishing. As the situation can change rapidly, visitors are advised to contact the following organizations for the latest travel advice:

British Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

Tel: (0845) 850 2829.

US Department of State



The Euro is now the official currency of 12 EU member states (including France). The first Euro coins and notes were introduced in January 2002; the French Franc was still in circulation until 17 February 2002, when it was completely replaced by the Euro. Euro (?) = 100 cents. Notes are in denominations of ?500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5. Coins are in denominations of ?2 and 1, and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cents.

Currency restrictions

The import and export of local and foreign currency is unrestricted. Amounts over ?7600 must be declared.

Banking hours

Mon-Sat 0900-1200 and 1400-1700. Some banks close Monday and some are open Saturday. Banks close early (1200) on the day before a bank holiday; in rare cases, they may also close for all or part of the day after.

Currency exchange

Some first-class hotels are authorized to exchange foreign currency. Shops and hotels are prohibited from accepting foreign currency by law. Travelers should check with their banks for details and current rates.

Credit cards

American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa and Eurocard are widely accepted. Check with your credit or debit card company for details of merchant acceptability and other services which may be available.

Travellers cheques

Traveller's cheques are accepted nearly everywhere.

City/RegionCity/Area codeFollowed by
Alsace(0)369+ 6 digits
Aquitaine(0)547+ 6 digits
Ard?che, Ain, Dr?me, Loire, and Rh?ne(0)427+ 6 digits
Auvergne(0)463+ 6 digits
Basse Normandie(0)250+ 6 digits
Bourgogne(0)345+ 6 digits
Bretagne(0)290+ 6 digits
Centre(0)236+ 6 digits
Champagne - Ardenne(0)351+ 6 digits
Corsica(0)420+ 6 digits
C?te d'Azur(0)489+ 6 digits
Franche Comt?(0)363+ 6 digits
Haute Normandie(0)276+ 6 digits
?le-de-France(0)176+ 6 digits
Is?re, Savoie, or Haute-Savoie(0)456+ 6 digits
Languedoc Roussillon(0)434+ 6 digits
Limousin(0)587+ 6 digits
Lorraine(0)354+ 6 digits
Midi Pyr?n?es(0)581+ 6 digits
Nord Pas-de-Calais(0)362+ 6 digits
Northeast France(0)3+ 8 digits
Northwest France(0)2+ 8 digits
Paris Region(0)1+ 8 digits
Pays de la Loire(0)272+ 6 digits
Picardie(0)360+ 6 digits
Poitou Charente(0)516+ 6 digits
Provence(0)488+ 6 digits
Southeast France and Corsica(0)4+ 8 digits
Southwest France(0)5+ 8 digits
  1. Health Information
  2. Recent Disease Outbreak
  3. Hospital Database

Dental care

A high standard of dental care is available in France

Medication Availability

Medication is available via pharmacies throughout France

Blood supplies

Blood supplies are considered safe and screened to international standards

Medical facilities

Medical care comparable to that found in the United States is widely available.

General caution

Recent medical and dental exams should ensure that the traveler is in good health. Carry appropriate health and accident insurance documents and copies of any important medical records. Bring an adequate supply of all prescription and other medications as well as any necessary personal hygiene items, including a spare pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses if necessary.

Specific concerns

AIDS occurs. Blood donors are checked for the AIDS virus - as are persons being prepared for surgery. Testing also includes prenuptial and prenatal exams. Air pollution is a major problem in Paris and Lyon. A higher incidence of allergies to dusts and pollens has been noted. Overindulgence in French foods, wines and sauces sometimes results in gastrointestinal disorders and high cholesterol. Hikers should take protective measures against ticks.



Disease risk summary

The general level of community sanitation is good. Water in the large cities is safe. Good pasteurized milk is available. Insect-borne illness: Leishmaniasis (visceral and cutaneous) - occurs Sandfly fever - occurs Typhus (Murine and tick-borne) - occurs West Nile fever (mosquito-borne) - occurs (The above occur in Mediterranean coastal areas.) Lyme disease - occurs Other hazards: High levels of immunization coverage have reduced the incidence of diseases such as measles and diphtheria. Influenza risk extends from November to April. Rabies - occurs in animals

Entry requirements


Recent disease outbreaks

No recent disease outbreaks

American Hospital of Paris63 Boulevard Victor Hugo B.P.109 Neuilly sur Seine Cedex 92202
Angio48, rue du Colonel Fabien Antony 92160 Paris
C. E. R. S.83, av. Du Mal de Lattre de Tassigny Capbreton 40130
C. H. P Beauregard23, rue du Lido Marseille 13012
C. H. P Claude Galien20, rte de Boussy Quincy sous Senart 91480
Cannes Ophtalmologie63 av Michel Jourdan Cannes 06150
Centre Chirurgical Ambroise Parc27 Blvd Victor Hugo 92200 Neuilly sur Seine Paris
Centre Chirurgical Florial40 rue Florial Bagnolet 93170 Paris
Centre Chirurgical Pierre Cherest5 rue Pierre Cherest Neuilly sur Seine 92200 Hauts-de-Seine
Centre Chirurgical Saint Roch29 rte Gordes Cavaillon 84300
Centre De Chirurgie Oculairezi Layats Saint Jean de Luz 64500
Centre de Consultation Medico - Chirurgical38 Bis rue Courlancy Reims 51100
Centre de la Main/Clinique Saint Leonard3 rue Saint Leonard Angers 49000 Maine-et-Loire
Centre de Radiotherapie Annemasse SERA8, rue Ferdinanad David Annemasse 74100
Centre de Radiotherapie Beauregard23, rue des Linots Marseille 13012
Centre de Radiotherapie de la Roseraie59/61, rue Henri Barbusse Aubervilliers 93308
Centre de Radiotherapie de la Sauvegarde42, avenue Ben Gourion Lyon 69009
Centre de Radiotherapie de Ris Orangis14, rue de Clos Ris Orangis 91130 Paris
Centre de Radiotherapie Jeanne d'Arc38, cours Albert Thomas Lyon 69008
Centre de Radiotherapie MaconSerm-Cours Moreau Macon
Centre de Radiotherapie S. AIridis 891, avenue de Rsendael Dunkerque 59140
Centre de Radiotherapie S. AIridis La Louviere 69, rue de la Louviere Lille 59042
Centre de Radiotherapie S. AIridis Marseille Clair 317, boulevard du Redon Marseille 13009
Centre de Radiotherapie Saint Jean30, rue Bataille Lyon 69008
Centre d'hemodialyse ReginaAvenue Felix Mangini Hauteville 01110
Centre Hospitalier de Edouard Herriot5, Place d'Arsonval Lyon Rh?nes Alpes 69437
Centre Hospitalier du Pays d'AixAvenue des Tamaris 13616 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 1 Aix-en-Provence
Centre Hospitalier Prive Saint Martin18 rue Roquemonts Caen 14050
Centre Medico-ChirurgicalInstitut A. Tzanck St. Laurent du Var
Centre Orthopedique Medico Chirurgical2 rue Pressoir Garenne Dracy le Fort 71640 Saone-et-Loire
CHP Clairval317 boulevard de Redon Marseille 13008
CHP Saint Martin18, rue des Roquemonts Caen Cedex 14050
Clinique Alleray Labrouste64 rue Labrouste Paris 75015
Clinique Ambroise Pare - Neuilly Sur Seine27 bd Victor Hugo Neuilly Sur Seine 92200 Paris
Clinique Ambroise Pare - Thionville21 rte Guentrange BP 251 Thionville 57106
Clinique Ambroise Pare NancyRue Ambroise Par? Nancy 54100
Clinique Ambroise Pare Toulouse387 route Saint Simon Toulouse 31082 Haute-Garonne
Clinique Arago95 bd Arago Paris 75014
Clinique Belle Allee24, route de'Orleans Chaingy 54380
Clinique BelledonneAvenue Gabriel Peri Saint Martin d'Heres 38400 Isere
Clinique Belvedere28 bd Tzarewitch Nice 06000
Clinique Benigne Jolyall Roger Renard Talant 21240
Clinique Bethesda1 bd Jacques Preiss Strasbourg 67000
Clinique Bizet23 Rue Georges Bizet 75 Paris,
Clinique Bon Secours18 quai Bugnet Besancon Doubs
Clinique Bouchand77 Rue du Docteur Escat Marseille 13006
Clinique Breteche3 rue de la Beraudiere Nantes 44000 Loires-Atlantique
Clinique Chantecler240 av Poilus Marseille 13012
Clinique Charcot51-53 Rue du Commandant Charcot Sainte Foy Les Lyon 69110 Rhone
Clinique Chirurgical D'AntibesAntibes
Clinique Chirurgicale Bachaumont18 r Bachaumont Paris 75002
Clinique Chirurgicale Cd136 lieu dit Le Grand Tour Hesdin Marconne 62140
Clinique Chirurgicale de Calais21 place de Lorraine Calais 62100 Pas-de-Calais
Clinique Chirurgicale de l'Ancienne Halle4 pl Ancienne Halle Cognac 16100
Clinique Chirurgicale Docteur Convert62 av Jasseron Bourg en Bresse 01000
Clinique Chirurgicale Docteur Herbert19 chem Saint Pol Aix Les Bains 73100
Clinique Chirurgicale Docteur Montagard23 bd Gambetta Avignon 84000
Clinique Chirurgicale du Mail96 all Mail La Rochelle 17000
Clinique Chirurgicale Et Maternite Du Parc48 bis r Henri Barbusse Saint-Saulve 59880
Clinique Chirurgicale le Pre Pasteur13 av Rene Laennec Le Mans 72000
Clinique Chirurgicale Marie Immaculee9 rue Bourdaloue Bourges 18000
Clinique Chirurgicale Saint Leonard3 r Saint - Leonard Angers 49000
Clinique Chirurgicale Sainte Marie22 rue Watteau Cambrai 59400
Clinique Chirurgicale Sainte Marthe15 rue Minage Angouleme 16000
Clinique Clairval317 bd Redon Marseille 13009
Clinique Claude Bernard97 rue Claude Bernard Metz 57000
Clinique Clement Drevon9 r Princes de Conde Dijon 21000
Clinique Clementville25 rue de Clementville Montpellier 34000 Herault
Clinique ConvertRoute de Jasseron Bourg en Bresse 01000
Clinique Cote d'Opaleroute Desvres Saint Martin Boulogne 62280
Clinique Cours Dillon1 rue Peyrolade Toulouse 31300
Clinique d'Arcachon136 Bd de la Plage Arcachon 33120 Gironde
Clinique Dautancourt6, rue Jacquemont Paris 01000
Clinique de Brequigny2 avenue d'Irlande Rennes 35200 Ille-et-Vilaine
Clinique de Chenove42 bd Henri Bazin Chenove 21300
Clinique de Cimiez10 av Villebois Mareuil Nice 06000
Clinique de Fontaine1, rue des Creots Fontaine les Dijon 21121 Cote-d'Or
Clinique de FreschinesVillefrancoeur 41330
Clinique de I'AuzonLa Roche Blanche 63670
Clinique de la CrauBoulevard du Docteur J.Minet Miramas 13140
Clinique de la Defense16 boulevard Emile Zola Nanterre 92000 Hautes-de-Seine
Clinique de la Louviere69 r La Louviere Lille 59800
Clinique de la MiotteAv Miotte Belfort 90000
Clinique de la Montagne53 rue Victor Hugo Courbevoie 92400 Hauts-de-Seine
Clinique de la Muette46 r Nicolo Paris 75016
Clinique de la Providence1 rue de La Providence Poitiers 86035 Vienne
Clinique de la Roseraie6, rue Neuve de I'Hopital BP 198 Soissons 02207
Clinique de Lac et ArgonayArgonay Pringy 74370
Clinique de l'Ange GardienChamigny 77260
Clinique de Lanroze21 rue Restic Brest 29200
Clinique de l'Archette83 rue Monod Olivet 45160
Clinique de l'EscrebieuxClinique de l'Escrebieux Rue de Quiery Esquerchin 59553
Clinique de l'Esperance - Cluses35 bd Chevran Cluses 74300 Haute-Savoie
Clinique de l'Esperance Nantes9 rue Felibien Nantes 44000
Clinique de l'Essonne1-3 rue de la Clairiere Evry 91024 Essonne
Clinique de l'Europe61 Bd de L'Europe Rouen 76100
Clinique de l'Orangerie29 all Robertsau Strasbourg 67000
Clinique de l'Unionbd Ratalens Saint-Jean 31240
Clinique de l'Yvette43 route de Corbeil Longjumeau 92160 Essonne
Clinique de Monplaisir08-10 avenue des Freres Lumiere Lyon 69008 Rhone
Clinique de Saint Omer71 rue Ambroise Pare Blendecques 62575 Pas-de-Calais
Clinique Delay36 av Interne Jacques Lob Bayonne 64100
Clinique des Bains32 rue Thiers Grenoble 38000
Clinique des Cedres - CornebarrieuChateau d'Alliez Cornebarrieu 31700
Clinique des Cedres - Grenoble13 av Marcelin Berthelot Grenoble 38100
Clinique des Domes32 rue Rabanesse Clermont Ferrand 63000
Clinique des Franciscaines21 r Mar Gallieni Versailles 78000
Clinique des Hauts de Seine17, avenue du Bois Chatenay Malabry 92290
Clinique des Landes16 rue Henri Duparc Mont de Marsan 40000
Clinique des Maussins67, rue de Romainville Paris 75019
Clinique des Monts du ForezChassignol Commelle Vernay 42120
Clinique des Noriets12 rue des Noriets Vitry sur Seine 94408 Val-de-Marne
Clinique d'Occitanie20 av Bernard IV Muret 31600
Clinique Drevon8 rue des princes de Cond Dijon 21000 Cote-d'Or
Clinique du Bois de Verrieres66, rue du Colonel Fabien Antony 92160
Clinique du Bon Secours57 quai Alsace Lorraine Chatellerault 86100
Clinique du Cedre950 r Haie Bois Guillaume 76230
Clinique du Chateau34 quai Tounis Toulouse 31000
Clinique du Chateau de PerreuseChateau de Perreuse Jouarre 77640
Clinique du Colombier92 - 112 Rue Albert Thomas Limoges 87100
Clinique du Cours Dillon1 rue Peyrolade Toulouse Haute-Garonne
Clinique du Croise Laroche199 rue Rianderie Marcq En Baroeul 59706
Clinique du Diaconat19 rue d'Alsace BP 2417 Mulhouse 68067 Haut-Rhine
Clinique du Docteur Jean Causseche Communal 3 Tr de Beziers Colombiers 34440
Clinique du Docteur Vignoli114, avenue Paul Bourret Salon de Provence 13300
Clinique du Grand Large37 r Saint Vincent de Paul Brest 29287
Clinique du Hainaut53 av Verdun Valenciennes 59300
Clinique du Lac et d'Argonay685 rte Menthonnex Argonay 74370
Clinique du Landy23 rue du Landy Saint-Ouen 93400 Seine-Saint-Denis
Clinique du Mail96 Alles du Mail La Rochelle 17000
Clinique du MoulinCarce-B.P 7138 Bruz 35171
Clinique du Parc - Chambray Les Tours12 Allee des Tilleuls Chambray Les Tours 37170 Indre-et-Loire
Clinique du Parc - Croix34, avenue de Flandre Croix 59170
Clinique du Parc - La Rochelle4 av Jean Guiton La Rochelle 17000
Clinique du Parc - Lyon84 boulevard des Belges Lyon 69006 Rhone
Clinique du Parc - Saint-Priesten-Jarez9 bis rue de la Piot Saint-Priest-en-Jarez 42276 Loire
Clinique du Parc Saint Lazare1, avenue Jean Rostand Beauvais 60000
Clinique du Renaison75 rue du General Giraud Roanne 42300 Loire
Clinique du Saint Cour10 bis rue Honore de Balzac Vendome 41100
Clinique du Ter KerbernesB.P 71 Ploemeur Cedex
Clinique du Tertre Rouge6 rue de guetteloup Le Mans 72100 Sarthe
Clinique du Tonkin26 rue du Tonkin Vileurbanne 69626
Clinique du Trocadero47 av Paul Doumer Paris 75116
Clinique du Val d'Ouest Vendome39 Chemin de la Vernique Ecully 69130 Rhone
Clinique du Val Fleuri35 ter rue de l'Heritan Macon 71031 Saone-et-Loire
Clinique Emilie de Vialar116 rue Antoine-Charial Lyon 69003 Rhone
Clinique Esquirol15 rue Pontarique Agen 47000
Clinique Eugenie1, sente des Demoiselles Pierrefonds 60350
Clinique Fontvert - Avignon NordVal du Soleil Sorgues 84700 Vaucluse
Clinique Francois 1er - Le Havre132 bd Francois 1er Le Havre 76600
Clinique Francois 1er - Saint Dizier54 rue Gambetta Saint Dizier 52100
Clinique Generale - Annecy4 ch Tour la reine Annecy 74000 Haute-Savoie
Clinique Generale de Bourgogne14, rue Charles Dodille Chalon sur Saone 71108
Clinique Generale du Docteur Cleret8 rue Burdin Chambery 73000
Clinique Geoffroy Saint Hilaire59 rue Geoffroy Saint Hilaire Paris 75005
Clinique Guillaume de Varye210 rte de Vouzeron Saint-Doulchard 18230
Clinique Hartmann2 Bd Victor Hugo Neuilly sur Seine 92200
Clinique Herbert19 chemin de Saint Pol Aix les Bains 73000 Savoie
Clinique J. B. Denis5 Cours Moreau Macon Cedex 71031 Saone-et-Loire
Clinique Jeanne d'Arc - Le PortRue Alsace Lorraine Le Port 97420
Clinique Jeanne d'Arc - Lyon44 Cours Albert Thomas Lyon 69008 Rhone
Clinique Jeanne d'Arc - Vichy24 r Bintot Vichy 03200
Clinique Jouvenet - Paris6,Square Jouvenet Paris 75016
Clinique Juge439 rue Paradis Marseille 13008
Clinique KennedyAvenue Kennedy Montelimar 26200
Clinique la ChataigneraieRue de la Chataigneraie Beaumont 63110 Puy-de-Dome
Clinique la Francilienne16 Avenue de l'Hotel de Ville Pontault-Combault 77340 Seine-et-Matrne
Clinique la ParisiereAvenue Antonin Vallon Bourg de Peage 26300 Drome
Clinique la SauvegardeTraverse Salette Marseille 13130
Clinique Laennec46 faubourg de Besancon Montbeliard 25200 Doubs
Clinique Larrieu55 Bis rue Carnot Pau 64000
Clinique le Meridien93 Av du Dr Picaud Cannes 06150 Alpes-Maritimes
Clinique le Petit ColmoulinsRue Robert Ancel Harfleur 76700
Clinique le Pre Pasteur13 avenue Rene Laennec Le Mans Cedex 72018
Clinique les Cezeaux44 r Meuniers Clermont Ferrand 63000
Clinique les GenetsClinique les Genets 44 quai Valliere Narbonne 11100
Clinique Lille Sud96 rue Gustave Delory Lesquin 59810 Nord
Clinique Majorelle11 av Raymond Pinchard Nancy 54000
Clinique Marie Immaculle8 rue Bourdaloue Bourges 18000
Clinique Medicale Chenieux29 rue Croix Verte Limoges 87000
Clinique Medico Chirurgicale de Bruay200, rue d'Auvergne Bruay La Bruissiere 62700
Clinique Medico Chirurgicale des Alpes36 av Commdt Dumont Gap 05000
Clinique Medico Chirurgicale Les Fontaines54 bd Aristide Briand Melun 77000
Clinique Milan17 r Milan Paris 75009
Clinique Mon Repos11, Chemin de la Vernique Ecully 69134
Clinique Monticelli84 Rue du Cdt Rolland Marseille 13008 Bouches-du-Rhone
Clinique Mutualiste Eugene Andre107 Rue Trarieux 69424 Lyon Cedex 03 Lyon
Clinique Nollet21 rue Brochant Paris 75017
Clinique Notre Dame3 rue Paul Albert Thionville 57100
Clinique Notre Dame de PritzRoute de Niafles Change 53810
Clinique Pasteur - Bergerec54 r Prof Pozzi Bergerac 24100
Clinique Pasteur - Guilhernad Granges294, bd General de Gaulle Guilhernad Granges 07500 Ardeche
Clinique Pasteur - Toulouse45 av Lombez Toulouse 31076
Clinique Pasteur Saint Esprit32 rue Auguste Kerven Brest Finistere
Clinique Pauchet de Butler2 av d'Irlande Amiens 80090
Clinique Pierre Cherest5 Rue Pierre Cherest Neuilly sur Seine 92200
Clinique Polyclinique des Minguettes21 rue Commune de Paris Venissieux 69200
Clinique Polyclinique du Grand Large2 av Leon Blum Decines Charpieu 69150
Clinique Pyrenees Bigorre28 Boulevard du 8 mai 45 Tarbes 65000 Hautes-Pyrenees
Clinique Rech9 avenue Charles Flahault Montpellier 34094
Clinique Residence du ParcRue Gaston-Berger Marseille 13362
Clinique Rhone Durance1750 chem Lavarin Avignon 84000
Clinique Saint AmeRue Georges Clemenceau Lambres les Douai 59500 Nord
Clinique Saint Andre102 av Jean Jaures Vandoeuvre 54501
Clinique Saint Antoine - Bois Guillaume696 rue Robert Pinchon Bois Guillaume 76230 Seine-Maritime
Clinique Saint Augustin Nantes78 rue Paul Bellamy Nantes 44000 Loire-Atlantique
Clinique Saint Charles - Lyon25 rue de Flesselles Lyon 69001 Rhone
Clinique Saint Charles - Roche sur Yon11 bd Rene Levesque BP 669 La Roche sur Yon 85000
Clinique Saint Christophe21 all Aime Giral Perpignan 66000
Clinique Saint Damien4 av Rene Bazin Nantes 44000
Clinique Saint Francois - Nice10 boulevard Pasteur Nice 06046 Alpes-Maritime
Clinique Saint Francois Chateauroux22 av Paris Chateauroux 36006
Clinique Saint George2 Avenue Rimiez Nice Alpes-Matritimes
Clinique Saint Germain12 boulevard Painleve Brive Nord est cedex 16 19100 Correze
Clinique Saint Gregoire18 rue Groison Tours 37100
Clinique Saint Hilaire - Agen1 r Doct et Mme Delmas BP 19 Agen 47002
Clinique Saint Hilaire - Rouen2 pl Saint Hilaire Rouen 76000
Clinique Saint Jean - Lyon30, rue Bataille Lyon 69008
Clinique Saint Jean - Melun41 av Corbeil Melun 77007
Clinique Saint Jean - Montpellier36 av Bouisson Bertrand Montpellier 34093
Clinique Saint Jean - ToulonAv Georges Bizet Toulon 83000
Clinique Saint Jean Languedoc20. route de Revel Toulouse 31000 Haute-Garonne
Clinique Saint Joseph - Fougeres3, boulevard Saint Germain Fougeres 35300
Clinique Saint Laurent32 av Francois Berenger Saint Laurent du Var 06700
Clinique Saint Louis100 rue du Bourbonnais Lyon 69009
Clinique Saint Martin - OllioulesFaveyrolles Ollioules 83190
Clinique Saint Martin - PessacAllee des Tulipes Pessac 33608
Clinique Saint Michelpl 4 Septembre Toulon 83000
Clinique Saint Michel et Sainte Anne88 rue Kerjesti-Penhars Quimper 29000
Clinique Saint Nicolas55 all Charles de Fitte Toulouse 31300
Clinique Saint Paul26 rue Felicien Thomazeau Reze 44404 Loire-Atlantique
Clinique Saint Pierre36 rue Thiers Dieppe 76373
Clinique Saint Privat46 av Enseigne Albertini Beziers 34500
Clinique Saint Roch43 r fbg Saint Jaumes Montpellier 34000
Clinique Saint Romain3 rue de la Rochefoucauld Rouen 76000
Clinique Saint Sauveur1 rue Saint-Sauveur Mulhouse 68100 Haut-Rhin
Clinique Saint Vincent - Besancon40 chem Tilleroyes Besancon 25044
Clinique Saint Vincent - Saint GregoireAvenue Saint Vincent Saint Gregoire 35760 Ille-et-Vilaine
Clinique Saint Yves21 rue Gustave Flaubert Quimper 29000
Clinique Sainte Anne229 rue de Jemmapes Bethune 62417 Pas-de-Calais
Clinique Sainte Anne Lumiere85 cours Albert Thomas Lyon 69003
Clinique Sainte Claire18, rue Texier Laboulle BP 20 Vannes 56001
Clinique Sainte Croix28 bis rue de la Solitude Le Mans 72016 Sarthe
Clinique Sainte Isabelle24, bd du Chateau Neuilly sur Seine 92200
Clinique Sainte Marie - Chalon sur Saone4, allee Saint Jean des Vignes Chalon sur Saone 71100
Clinique Sainte Marie - L'Isle d'Espagnac42 rue Chabernaud L'Isle d'Espagnac 16340
Clinique Sainte Marie - Pontoise16 rue Eric Martimprey Pontoise 95300
Clinique Sainte Marthe - Dijon56 rue de la Prefecture Dijon 21027 Cote-d'Or
Clinique Sainte ThereseCentre Picard d'A.M.P. 1 bis rue Gloriette Amiens 80039 Somme
Clinique Sourdille3 place Anatole France Nantes 44000 Loire-Atlantique
Clinique St Claude1 bd Doct Schweitzer Saint Quentin 02100
Clinique Ste Marthe56 rue Prefecture Dijon 21000
Clinique Tourny188 rue Genes Bordeaux 33000 Gironde
Clinique Trenel17 r Doct Trenel Sainte Colombe 69560
Clinique Val de Seille15, route de Sornay Louhans 71500
Clinique Velpeau2 rue de la Croix Pasquier Tours 37100
Clinique Vilette18 rue Parmentier Dunkerque 59240 Nord
Clinque du Parc125, rue Paul Bellamy Nantes 44000
CMC-Policlinique RennaiseSt-Gregoire
Gropement Melunais de Radiotherapie41, Avenue de Corbeil Melun 77000
Hopital Ambroise Pare9 Avenue Charles de Gaulle Boulogne Billancourt 92000
Hopital Bicetre78 Avenue du General Leclerc Le Kremlin Bicetre 94000
Hopital Bichat-Claude Bernard46 rue Henri Huchard Paris 75018
Hopital Claude HuriezRue Michel Polonovski Lille 59037
Hopital Cochin27 rue du Faubourg Saint-Jacques Paris 75014
Hopital de la Conception147 Boulevard Baille Marseille 13385
Hopital de la Croix RousseCentre Livet 103 Grande Rue de la Croix-Rousse Lyon 69437
H?pital de la Timone (CHU)264, Rue Saint Pierre Marseille Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur 13385
Hopital de Rangueil1 Avenue Jean Poulhes Toulouse 31403
H?pital Docteur Duch?neBoulogne Sur Mer
Hopital Edouard Herriot5 Place d' Arsonval Lyon 69437
Hopital Henri Mondor51 avenue du Marechal de Lattre de Tassigny Creteil 94000
Hopital Hotel DieuPlace Alexis Ricordeau Nantes 44093
Hopital Lapeyronie371 Avenue du Doyen Gaston Giraud Montpellier 34295
Hopital Lariboisiere2 rue Ambroise Pare Paris 75010
Hopital Necker-Enfants Malades149, rue de Sevres Paris 75015
Hopital Pellegrin Tripode1 Place Amelie Raba-Leon Bordeaux 33000
Hopital Pitie Salpetriere47-83 Boulevard de l' Hopital Paris 75013
Hopital Prive Armand Brillard3 av Watteau Nogent Sur Marne 94130
Hopital Prive D'Antony25 Avenue de la Providence Antony 92160
Hopital Prive de la Seine-St-Denis7 av Henri Barbusse Le Blanc Mesnil Cedex Seine-Saint-Denis 93156
Hopital Raymond Poincare10 rue Raymond Poincare Garches 92380
H?pital Saint Joseph185, Rue Raymond Losserand Paris Ile de France 75674
Hopital Saint Roch5 Rue P. Devoluy Nice 06006
H?pital Saint-Roch (CHU)5, Rue Pierre D?voluy Nice Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur 06000
Infirmerie Protestante de Lyon1-3 rue du Penthode Caluire et Cuire Cedex 69641
Institut Arnault TzanckAvenue du Docteur Maurice Donat Saint Laurent du Var 06700
Institut Hospitalier Jacques CartierAvenue Du Noyer Lambert Massy 91300 Essonne
Institut MutualisteMontsouris/CMC Porte 6 Place de Port au Prince Paris 75013
Institut Ophtalmique Clinique28 rue Anatole France Somain 59490
La Clinique Paulmy14 Alle Paulmy Bayonne 64100
La Clinique Saint Gatien2 place de la Cathedrale Tours 37042
La Residence du Parc-CentreRue Gaston Berger Marseille 13010
L'Hopital Institut Mutualiste Montsouris42, Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris, Cedex 14
Maternite Sainte Felicite37 Rue Saint-Lambert Paris 75015
Policlinique Jeanne d'Arc35, rue de la Marne Gien 45500
Policlinique Sainte-Th?r?seLannion
Policlinique SevigneCesson-Sevigne Cedex Sevigne
Polyclinique Alexander Fleming2 rue Alexander-Fleming Tours 37000 Indre-et-Loire
Polyclinique Beauregard23 rue des Linots Marseille 13012 Bouches-du-Rhone
Polyclinique Bordeaux Nord Aquitaine15 rue Claude Boucher Bordeaux 33000
Polyclinique Chirurgicale de Champigny4 av Marx Dormoy Champigny Sur Marne 94500
Polyclinique Chirurgicale de l'Artois100 Bld Basly 62400 Bethune Pas-de-Calais
Polyclinique d'Aguilera21, rue de l'Estagnas Biarritz 64200
Polyclinique de Bois BernardRoute de Neuvireuil Bois Bernard 62320
Polyclinique de Bordeaux-Tondu143 a 153 rue du Tondu Bordeaux 33082 Gironde
Polyclinique de Champigny4 avenue Marx Dormoy Champigny-Sur-Marne 94500 Val-de-Marne
Polyclinique de Courlancy38 rue de Courlancy Reims 51100 Marne
Polyclinique de Gentilly3 rue Marie Marvingt Medipole de Gentilly Nancy 54000
Polyclinique de la ForetFontainebleau rue Roger Aini Fontainebleau 77300
Polyclinique De La Foret - La Baule19 bd Foret La Baule 44500
Polyclinique de la Louviere69 rue de la Louviere Lille 59000 Nord
Polyclinique de la Region Mantaise23 Boulevard Victor Duhamel Mantes la Jolie 78200 Yveslines
Polyclinique de l'AtlantiqueAvenue Claude Bernard Saint-Herblain 44800 Loire-Atlantique
Polyclinique de l'Europe61 bd de L'Europe Rouen 76100 Seine-Maritime
Polyclinique de l'Ocean38 rue Pornichet Saint Nazaire 44600
Polyclinique de Picardie49 rue Alexandre Dumas Amiens 80094 Somme
Polyclinique de Pontivy21 rue Georges Bizet Pontivy 56300
Polyclinique de Savoie8 rue Fernand David Annemasse 74105 Haute-Savoie
Polyclinique des Longues Allees25 rue Andre Mondesir St Jean de Braye 45800 Loiret
Polyclinique d'Essey les Nancy7 rue Parmentier Essey Les Nancy 54271
Polyclinique d'Orgemont48 rue d'Orgemont Argenteuil 95100 Val-d'Oise
Polyclinique du Beaujolais120 Acienne Route du Beaujeu Arnas 69400 Rhone
Polyclinique du Beauvaisis17 rue Amiens Beauvais 60000
Polyclinique du Champeau32 Av. Enseigne Albertini Beziers 34535 Herault
Polyclinique du Grand Sud350 avenue St. Andre de Codols Nimes 30000 Gard
Polyclinique du Maine4 av Francaise Libres Laval 53000
Polyclinique du Parc - Caen7 rue Sadi Carnot Caen 14000
Polyclinique du Parc - Cholet21 rue Jean Jaures Cholet 49300 Maine-et-Loire
Polyclinique du Parc Rambot74 bis cours Gambetta Aix-en-Provence 13100
Polyclinique du Val de Loire3 rue du Commandant Barat Nevers 58000 Nievre
Polyclinique Francheville34 Boulevard de Vesone Perigueux 24000
Polyclinique Inkermann84 route d'Aiffres Niort 79000 Deux-Sevres
Polyclinique Jean VillarAvenue Maryse Bastie Bruges 33520 Gironde
Polyclinique la Pergola75 allee Les Alles Vichy 03200
Polyclinique le Languedocrte Narbonne Plage Narbonne 11100
Polyclinique les Bleuets24r Colonel Fabien Reims 51100
Polyclinique Les ChenesRue Chantemerle Aire Sur L'adour 40800
Polyclinique LisieuxRue Roger Aini Lisieux 14100
Polyclinique Majorelle1240 avenue Pinchard Nancy Meurthe-et-Moselle
Polyclinique Montier-La-Celle17 rue Baltet Saint-Andre Les Vergers 10120
Polyclinique RennaiseAv Saint Vincent Saint ? Gregoire 35760
Polyclinique Saint Andre18 rue Ecu Reims 51100
Polyclinique Saint Jean - Cagnes Sur Mer92 av Doct Maurice Donat Cagnes Sur Mer 06800
Polyclinique Saint Jean - Melun41 avenue de Corbeil Melun 77000 Seine-et-Marne
Polyclinique Saint Jean Montpellier36 Avenue Bouisson Bertrand Montpellier Cedex 5 34093 Herault
Polyclinique Saint Joseph3, Place Saint Maurice Senlis
Polyclinique Saint RochChem Mas Anglade Medipole Cabestany 66330
Polyclinique Sainte Isabelle236 route d'Amiens Abbeville 80103 Somme
Polyclinique SevigneRue du Chene Germain Cesson Sevigne 35510
Polyclinique Thiers330 avenue Thiers Bordeaux 33100 Gironde
Polyclinique Urbain VChemin du Pont des Deux Eaux Avignon 84000 Vaucluse
S. I. M. B. B.Route de Neuvireuil Rouvroy 62320


France enjoys a free press and has more than 100 daily newspapers. Most newspapers are in private hands and are not linked to political parties. State-run Radio France runs services for the domestic audience, French overseas territories and foreign audiences. France's international broadcasters have a significant audience abroad. Radio France Internationale is one of the world's leading international stations and its Arabic-language Radio Monte Carlo Moyen Orient service, available on mediumwave (AM) and FM in many Middle East countries, has a large audience.

Press: Daily newspapers include Le Monde, Lib?ration, France-Soir and Le Figaro. The main English-language daily is the International Herald Tribune. Outside the Ile-de-France, however, these newspapers are not as popular as the provincial press. International newspapers and magazines are widely available, particularly in the larger cities.
TV: France 2, France 3, France 5 are national, public channels; TF1 and M6 are national, commercial channels; Arte is a cultural channel originally launched by French and German public channels; La Cha?ne Info is a rolling news channel; TV5 is an international French-language channel and Canal Plus is a national, subscription channel. International cable and satellite channels are available.
Radio: Radio France Internationale (RFI) is an international broadcaster, available via shortwave and numerous FM relays worldwide; Europe 1 is a major commercial, news and entertainment station and RTL is a major commercial station, with a mix of speech and music programs.