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Travel Insurance The Heard and McDonald Islands

The Heard and McDonald Islands Flag

The Heard and McDonald Islands Country Guide

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Quick Facts

Region: Asia-Pacific
Full Name: Territory of Heard Island and McDonald Islands

The Heard and McDonald Islands Travel Insurance

Get travel insurance to The Heard and McDonald Islands from Direct Travel Insurance. We offer low cost and high quality travel insurance to The Heard and McDonald Islands and most of the world.

Geographic data:

53? S 73? 30’E

Elevation Extremes:

Highest Point: Mawson Peak 2,745m (9,006 ft)

Lowest Point: Indian Ocean 0m (0ft)

Land boundaries

0km - islands

Natural hazards

Active Volcano (Mawson Peak) on Heard Island

Natural resources

Fish - however Australian Authorities have limited fishing numbers in the circumferential waters.

Land use

Arable land: 0%

Permanent crops: 0%

Other: 100% (2011)

Environmental current issues

Physical disturbance, Wildlife disturbance, Pollution (contamination of water and soil from chemicals put into the water, such as oil spills). The islands are currently labeled as a World Heritage Site.


The Antarctic climate brings with it powerful winds and rain, and a low coverage of clouds.

Time difference

Heard island and Mcdonald Islands are 4 hours ahead of the UK.




Entry/Departure Requirements

It is possible to visit to Heard Island and The McDonald Islands, even though they are uninhabited. An application would have to be sent to The Australian Antarctic Division in order to receive a permit to go to Heard Island and The McDonald Islands. However, the islands are a lengthy way away from Australia, roughly taking two weeks to sail to from Australia.The seas to sail there and back are some of the choppiest seas in the world. Planning a trip to Heard Island and The McDonald Islands would require plenty of thought, preparation, support and financial backing. At present, there are no tour operators running to and from the islands because of these reasons. Further details about companies in Australia that operate trips to alternative SubAntartic or Antartic locations can be found on

Application to

Application for a permit to The Australian Antarctic Division.

HIV entry requirements

Australia: HIV testing is in place for people wanting a permanent Visa.

Departure tax

Australia have a PMC (Passenger Movement Charge) which is currently at $55.


Australian Embassy UK

Address: Australia House




Tel: 020 7379 4334

Opening Times: Open Monday to Friday 9am - 5:15pm

Australian Embassy USA

Address: 1601 Massachusetts Ave NW


DC 20036

United States

Tel: +1 613-238-1040

Opening times: Open Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm

British Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office


Tel: 020 7008 1500

US Department of State



  1. Health Information
  2. Recent Disease Outbreak

Medical facilities

As the island is uninhabited, it does not have any medical facilities. It is crucial that you take out sufficient travel insurance, which will cover you being able to be transported to Australia for the health care and treatment that you may need.