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50 Tourist Scams Which Could Ruin Your Holiday

Even at home, being a victim to scamming is a sickening feeling. However being tricked out of your valuables abroad can be devastating and ruin your holiday.

Travellers are known for carrying large sums of money around and several expensive gadgets; and with us being out of our comfort zone in a foreign location, scammers often find it easy to cash-in on our vulnerability.

Even if you think you are smart enough to bust every scammer, it is important to know that some scams are becoming more and more advanced, and even an experienced travelling pro can still be tricked.

Free massages, unwanted guided tours, and closed attractions are all common scams that tourists cease in to. If you get the feeling that a deal offered to you is too good to be true, then it most likely is!

Below, we showcase you the scams you are most likely to witness around the world, and where each one occurs most. So don’t be scammed on your next trip! Get clued up on the scams that are happening all across the world, with our 50 Tourist Scams Which Could Ruin Your Holiday infographic, to ensure that you are not their next victim!

Direct Travel Tourist Scams Which Could Ruin Your Holiday Infographic

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