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Tips to stay safe on the ski slopes

Whatever sporty winter fun you'll be having this year, reduce the chances of an unforeseen mishap by following some simple yet effective safety tips.

Safety on the Slopes - Hints & tips

But remember if things do go wrong on the slopes, you'll need insurance that goes right. So don't forget your winter sports travel insurance.

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Follow the rules

We all like to bend the rules now & again, but on the slopes they're there to keep you safe.

Take note of warning signs, observe changing conditions & stay inside boundary ropes.

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Head protection is a must

Accidents don't just occur at high speeds, whether you're on the beginner slopes or shooting down the black runs, wearing a helmet is a no-brainer.

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Learn to fall

Surprisingly, it's not avoiding falls, but learning how to fall that's important. Key lessons to learn are; how to not over-correct, not to try & break the fall & not to try & stay standing.

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Stay hydrated

The weather may not be hot but that doesn't mean you're not using up fluids. Interestingly just breathing in cold air can be dehydrating!

So make sure you take on fluids regularly, before, during & after.

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Check your equipment

About half of all injuries are due to improper binding performance so check your bindings! Plus, while you're at it, make sure all of your gear is in good shape.

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Beware 'One last run'

It's often tempting to squeeze in 'one last run', but injuries always seem to happen on that last run of the day.

If you're getting tired and your legs are heavy then quit while you're ahead and choose the ski lodge instead of the ski-lift!

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When taking into account our top tips for using the ski slopes you can help stay a little more safe, fingers crossed you will avoid the need to use your winter sports travel insurance.

Remember though, these are just our top tips... and a starting point, if your in any doubt on your abilities or the location hire a ski guide to make the most of the snow.