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Over 65s Travel Insurance

More and more people are using their retirement time to travel. There are plenty of affordable policies you can buy to make your time away from work stress free.

What should you know before buying a policy?

Your premium could be affected by a number of things: your age, your holiday destination, how long you will be travelling for, and whether or not your have a pre-existing medical condition.

Pre-existing medical conditions are conditions you are living with or taking medication for before you purchase your policy. They should be stated before buying insurance, as people with a pre-existing medical condition are considered a higher risk for medical emergencies while travelling. It is also important that you state all heart, breathing, stroke or cancerous conditions you have ever been diagnosed with.

Cover for people over the age of 65

Policies for travellers over 65 often covers:

  1. Hospitalisation or other emergency medical assistance
  2. Delays or cancellations to travel
  3. Loss or theft of belongings

A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) also offers free or reduced-cost medical treatment for Europeans travelling in EU countries, but this is not a substitute for travel insurance.

Preparing for a relaxing time away

Making a copy of any prescriptions you need could prove useful if you happen to lose yours while travelling. In the same vein, a copy of your passport, tickets and contacts list could prove invaluable.

If you take medication, pack a little more than you need. If your travel is delayed or cancelled, you will be thankful for this. If you are planning to fly, don't pack all of your meds into your hold luggage – leave some for your carry-on in case you need it.

Research the area you will be visiting in advance. Reading travel articles or blog posts from people who have been before will help you know if there are any areas to avoid. On a brighter note – they can also alert you to places, restaurants and attractions you might not have considered visiting.