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Traveller arrested after being found with loaded gun and dog in hand luggage

A man is facing a fine of $12,000, after trying to sneak a loaded handgun, and his pet dog, through security at Baltimore Airport in the U.S.

The 9mm handgun was first spotted through the X-ray machine, just before his pet dog was then discovered in the following bag.

The man was also reported to have possessed a small knife.

The weapons were seized and the passenger was later arrested on state weapon charges.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said: “It’s difficult to say which of the two was more surprising - the X-ray image of the gun or the image of the dog’s moving skeleton.

“Firearms are never allowed at checkpoints and pets should not be placed through the X-ray machines.”

TSA have rules on how animals should be transported through airport security, including that they should be removed from luggage going through X-ray machines, and that their owners should hand carry them through the metal detecting machines.

The traveller, who has not been named, is now facing a fine of $12,000.