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Climate-Conscious Travel
Part 3: What To Pack

8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year, which is equivalent to 525,600 full bin lorries (1 a minute)!

Travelling more eco-friendly is all about reducing waste, and it's easier than you think! Begin by going for tough, long-lasting luggage with a decent warranty, and when you absolutely can’t get any more out of it, take it to a luggage recycling spot. Better still, make it hand-luggage only. You’ll save weight on the plane (meaning less of a carbon footprint), avoid queues at the airport, and move straight past baggage claim - there are very few downsides!

And if you're packing light, you’ll need to pay a bit more attention to what you’re packing. Consider a ‘capsule wardrobe’ with a few key items of clothing you can mix, match, and multi-use - pyjama shorts on the beach? Why not? 

Here's a quick guide to swapping out some other common travel items for greener alternatives:

A water bottle and/or coffee cup
We’re pretty sure everyone has one or both of these by now. The key is to remember you’ve got them and use them! Plenty of airports have public water dispensers now, and if you can’t find one just ask in a café or restaurant - they’re usually happy to help. Similarly, say you’ve got a reusable mug or flask before you order your hot drink, so the shop assistant is well aware of your intentions.

A tote bag

You’ve definitely got one of these at home which came free with a big shop or you picked up at a job fair. If you don’t, opt for one made of sustainable, organic cotton. Fold it up small, pop it in your bag or your pocket, and you can proudly pack up your purchases knowing you’ve reduced the amount of plastic being pumped into the ocean.


Reusable foodware
It’s kind of like having a bottle-opener on your keys. You’ve got a little bundle of cutlery and a reusable straw, wrapped in a cloth napkin. Use them before a weird-tasting wooden option, and waaay before the plastic version. If you often don’t finish your food while you’re out, or plan to take lunch with you when you travel, a small lunchbox-style container might also be a good shout.


- Soap bars or solid shampoos and conditioners, instead of ‘handy’ little plastic bottles.
- A bamboo toothbrush, instead of a plastic one.
- Toothpaste in a metal tube or powder form, instead of a plastic tube.
- Make-up in little tins or jars, instead of plastic pots or bottles.
- Make-up remover pads or a flannel, instead of plastic packets of make-up wipes.
- Solid deodorant in refillable containers, instead of aerosols or plastic rollerballs.
- Bamboo combs or brushes with natural fibres, instead of plastic hairbrushes.
We think you know where we’re going with this...


An e-reader or tablet
Save space, save weight, save paper, save the trees. As much as we hate to admit it, an e-reader is a much more eco-friendly way to approach reading.

25th March 2024