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Climate-Conscious Travel Guide - Part 4: Where To Stay

Don’t overlook the impact your accommodation can have on the planet. Tourist lodgings contribute to 20% of all emissions in the tourism industry, so it’s important to understand the alternatives which are available.

Eco-conscious travellers need to look specifically for sustainable options, and luckily enough there are now specialist websites which cater to these requirements. They give you access to hotels, b&bs, huts, camping, hostels, or house-swaps who are interested in carbon-neutral and zero-waste practices for a greener experience. Before booking, you can ask about sustainable initiatives, such as recycling programs, solar power, energy-efficient lighting, or rainwater harvesting. Your accommodation choice actually plays a vital role in minimising environmental impact, so make your decision wisely!

If you’re staying in a hotel, your behaviour counts towards keeping things eco-friendly. Skip the laundry service for short stays and reuse your towels just like you would at home - hang them up if they're still good, and only leave them out to be washed if they're really dirty. We all know how much water and energy is used by a washing machine. 

Be mindful of the local resources, especially in areas where they're already stretched thin, like South Africa. Save energy by turning off lights and electronics when you’re not using them, opt for quick showers, and hand-wash your clothes. Use the 'Do Not Disturb' sign to cut down on unnecessary cleaning, and set the thermostat sensibly, turning it off when you're out. Every small step can make a huge difference.

15th April 2024