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Travelling with Diabetes Type 1

Just because you are living with Type 1 diabetes doesn’t mean that you can’t travel abroad. However, it is essential that you take out travel insurance for health reasons, not just because of lost luggage, delays or other minor disasters.

The amount of people living with diabetes in the UK today is in excess of 3.2 million according to Diabetes UK. It says 10 per cent of those people have Type 1 diabetes – those dependent on injecting insulin into their bodies.

We understand that it can be a pain having to answer an array of questions to get a quote for the right travel insurance cover but it is important we know all about your condition so that we can adequately cover you.

If you forget to inform us about a pre-existing condition it may result in your claim for support being rejected.

Before you go, we’ve put together a checklist to help you:

  • Make sure you can store your medication at the right temperature when you are travelling. If you don’t have a reliable fridge then try a Frio® Wallet. The manufacturer says it keeps medication or insulin cool and safe for a minimum of 45 hours
  • If you are flying you will need a doctor’s letter so that you can travel with syringes
  • Wear a form of identification that lets others know you have diabetes along with your emergency contact details
  • Take your blood glucose levels more frequently while you are travelling as different climates can have an effect on glucose absorption
  • Take much more medication than you will need and split it between your luggage if you are flying, in case one bag goes missing
  • Check that any medication you take with you is not a banned substance in the country of destination

Contact us so we can provide you with travel insurance cover that meets your requirements, and you could also receive cancellation compensation if you are unable to travel due to complications with your illness.

Call our friendly UK-based call centre for a quote or take yourself through our easy-to-use medical screening at your own convenience online at Direct-Travel here. Our insurance policies will provide you with a 24-hour medical helpline; to provide you with support including, if required, repatriation.

One last thing, have a great trip.