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Breaking a leg abroad

No one plans to break their leg while on holiday abroad but bad luck happens! If you broke your leg in the US and did not have travel insurance cover, the medical bill could dwarf your annual wages.

Your costs could be much more if you needed repatriation back home to the UK, especially if more seats are needed for the extra leg room that you might need to take up, plus transit to the airport.

Policies are very affordable and we don’t believe it makes any sense to gamble with your personal health and your wealth, too, for the sake of a modest amount of money.

It is estimated that one in ten people do not take out travel insurance and of those that do, 20% do not know what is covered.

Experiencing a broken bone, whether it is a leg or any other part of your body, is one of the more common health conditions people seek medical help for abroad.

If you had to have major surgery in the US, recent figures suggest the costs can be up to £70,000, or more. Much more than in popular holiday destinations for Britons such as Spain.

It is important that your policy covers the activities that you plan on undertaking while you are abroad. Make sure that snowboarding, water skiing or skiing are covered under your plan, for instance.

We can take you through any medical screening when you call our friendly UK-based call centre, alternatively, you can get a quote from us online where you can let us know about any pre-existing conditions. Before you make contact, it is worth listing them so you don’t forget anything. Why not include the family members travelling with you on the same plan?

Before you make any firm travel plans talk to your doctor about your fitness to travel. Take the medication you need just in case any condition you have flares up and ensure that it is not a restricted substance in the country of destination. Lastly, make sure this is a trip that you remember for all the right reasons. In other words, don’t break a leg!